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Coming along nicely

Details, details, details.

That's what much of the work being done on the new Rambling River Center is these days -- seeing to lots of little details.

But the good news is, the project is coming along nicely. In fact, several rooms in the old city hall building are already looking quite different, and progress is being made daily.

City of Farmington park maintenance specialist Don Hayes is overseeing the project. On Tuesday, he said much of the big work -- the knocking down of old walls and building up of new ones -- has been done. Carpet for parts of the building has arrived. It just needs to be put in. Doors are being painted. The building is coming along bit by bit, on a daily basis.

All of the walls in the building have been painted, with much of that work being done by a group of senior citizen volunteers.

The volunteers are doing a lot of the work around the building, though there are some projects that have to be handled by professionals -- like the installation of the new fire sprinkler system throughout the entire building.

But the good news is, some of the rooms are actually nearing completion already. The craft room, for example -- which is located in the section of the building that once housed the police department and then the parks and recreation department -- is painted, the floors are done, cabinets in, and lighting is finished. But for a little touch-up on the countertop, that room is mostly finished.

The old council chambers is currently being used as the room where doors are being painted, and kind of a home-base to hold equipment and floor plans. However, it will not be too long before that room is converted to the new fitness room.

The northern section of the building -- where the library was located years ago, and, more recently, the building, planning and community development divisions -- has become one large, open room. There's no official name for the room just yet, though the plan is to call it something like a banquet room or a multipurpose room. Whatever it is called, the room has a new side room where a countertop will be installed, along with a kitchen sink and a microwave. It will not be a full kitchen, Hayes said, but somewhere coffee and pie or a potluck can be served.

Parts of the project have been put on temporary hold, but for good reason. The carpeting and flooring for much of the building has already arrived, but Hayes is waiting to install that until heating and air conditioning units are installed in parts of the building.

"We'd hate to start finishing that off when we still have to do all the duct work," he said.

Adding that air conditioning and heating is put on hold because there is a possibility of getting some grant money to help defray those costs.

Speaking of defraying costs, the garage is currently full of old furniture from the former city hall building. Rambling River Center coordinator Missie Kohlbeck will go through that furniture soon to decide what she can use in the new center. Whatever is not used will be put on a city consignment auction this fall.


Fundraising efforts for the new center are doing well, too. With a goal of raising $18,000 annually for the next several years, efforts started in earnest in June. Going in, the fundraising balance was at $10,725.

On Tuesday, though, that amount was listed at $17,467.97.