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One more chance to talk budget

There's been a lot of discussion in recent months about the city of Farmington's 2010 budget. Next week, residents get to weigh in one last time.

A public hearing on the 2010 budget and levy is scheduled for Monday's city council meeting. Though the city is no longer required to hold a truth in taxation hearing as part of the annual budget cycle, Farmington officials still plan to review the proposed budget and levy before approving them later this month.

By now, Farmington taxpayers should have received their proposed 2010 tax statements from Dakota County. The amounts listed, said Farmington city administrator Peter Herlofsky, are based on the preliminary levy approved in September.

Since that time, the city council and city staff have worked to further reduce the upcoming year's budget - to the tune of about $200,000. That means the city's levy will be lower, and the city's portion of 2010 taxes will likewise be lower.

"The dollar amount for the city will have a lessening effect on the city taxes, so they will be lower than what was originally proposed," Herlofsky said.

Over the past decade, truth in taxation hearings rarely have drawn more than a handful of residents. Though it is too soon to tell how many may attend next week's public hearing, the hearing itself will follow much the same format as the truth in taxation hearings did. It will include a budget presentation and an opportunity for residents to make final comments on the document.

That will give city officials two weeks to solidify the 2010 budget and levy. The final budget and levy must be approved before the end of the year. It will be placed on the Dec. 21 agenda for final approval.