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Three firefighters get minor injuries extinguishing garage fire

It appears a gas leak and a mechanical problem led to this fire Friday afternoon.

Three Farmington fire fighters received slight burns March 5 while attacking a garage fire on the 6900 block of 200th St.

Names of the injured fire fighters were not released, but Farmington fire marshal John Powers said the burns were not severe. Two were treated at the scene. The other had burns on his arm and hand. He was taken to Burnsville Ridges, where he was treated and released.

The fire was one of the most impressive blazes Powers has seen in a while, he said.

The call came in at about 3:45 p.m. Friday. Powers and Farmington police sergeant Kevin Mincke were the first to arrive at the scene. By the time they arrived, Powers said, the garage of the home was fully ablaze.

Powers summoned both Farmington and Lakeville firefighters. The fire itself was contained to the garage, so Mincke and a Dakota County sheriff's deputy on the scene were able to get inside the home and rescue the family pets. The owner of the home, who had been working on his motorcycle in the garage that afternoon, was not injured.

According to Powers, it appears the homeowner's motorcycle had a gas leak. At some point, the owner started the bike, then left it running while he went to another part of the house for a few minutes. When he returned, he found that fire had started in the garage.

Powers credits a mechanical problem with the motorcycle and the gas leak for the blaze.

The house itself received mostly smoke damage, though there was some minor structural damage where the garage attaches to the home, Powers said. The family was going to be displaced for about a week so the smoke damage could be cleaned up, he said.

Powers estimates damage at about $200,000. Besides the garage itself, the homeowner also lost a Corvette and a snowmobile in the blaze.

Nathan Hansen

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