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Looking back: 'Computerization' came to city hall 25 years ago

25 years ago

From the March 20, 1985

edition of the

Farmington Independent

City hall computerization at hand

A minor technical revolution will occur at Farmington City Hall, March 31, when the city's recently acquired IBM computer begins working full force, according to Finance Director Wayne Henneke.

Installed in August, 1984, Henneke said the system had not been fully utilized previously because clerical staff members were bogged down with budget calculations and end of year reports demanding immediate attention....

Anxious to crack the municipal record keeping market, IBM marketers offered the city a 50 percent software discount for serving as a "pilot city" for the firm, Henneke said, and serving as a reference for the municipal recordkeeping system.

With the discount, Henneke said, Farmington received both the IBM Personal Computer and an array of software for $18,000, several thousand dollars less than list price.

Elementary space crunch may exile kindergarteners

Farmington kindergarten students may be attending classes in "outer space" next fall, if members of the school board's Building and Ground Committee are unable to come up plan to juggle elementary classroom assignments.

In a special work session at the middle school, March 14, the committee discussed the possibility of conducting some kindergarten classes off-campus next fall if elementary class schedules or space can't be arranged to accommodate an influx of new students.

Elementary School Principal Doug Henke said the committee did not decide on a plan to accommodate two additional kindergarten classes needed next fall, but narrowed its options to renting outside space or scheduling three shifts of kindergarten classes.

Classroom space is available at Faith Untied Methodist Church, Henke said, or the district to rent the old Black Stallion Restaurant site if the board decides not to schedule a third kindergarten shift at the school....

While the board needs a quick solution to the problem, Henke said it also must consider longer-range requirements. There has been a significant increase in elementary student population, he said with kindergarten enrollment now 50 students higher than a few years ago....

If long range population projections warrant, the school board may be forced to consider building a new elementary school, since the present schools' grounds are not large enough to accommodate additions, Henke said.

50 years ago

From the March 17, 1960

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Local sewage plant treats half million

Treatment of half a million gallons of domestic and creamery waste daily and the returning of clean water into the Vermillion River is the large scale operation of the Farmington municipal sewage disposal plant.

The plant, which cost over $400,000, will be open for inspection Sunday afternoon.

Visitors will be impressed with the kitchen-like cleanliness of the laboratory and control building. Odor is kept to a minimum, and what odor is present is confined to the immediate plant area...

Bill B. Hince, Farmington street department superintendent, and his relief man Robert Breisacher, have recently returned from a three-day disposal-operators school at the University of Minnesota. Treatment of the waste is a highly technical science, requiring a knowledge of the various types of bacteria.

Zoning, city park, discussed by council here

Two important subjects, zoning, and the possibilities of a city park, have occupied attention of the city council here in recent meetings.

As in zoning, the council has not made definite conclusions. They would like to have areas for heavy industrial, light industrial use, also areas for multiple dwelling units, and then be able to "stretch" the downtown commercial district, Mayor Roy Rademacher said....

As we understand it, an area for example zoned "heavy industrial" which happened to contain residences, would not mean the residences would be required to move. It would mean that residences could not be rebuilt at that location if an older house was torn down, unless the zoning was changed, probably after a hearing.

Regarding the city park, some of the possible sites would be the pasture area north of the Feely farm between the highway and the railroad (where the village already has one lot): the bulldozing of the old city dump for use as a park (which the city owns) : also the pasture north of Farmington Floral company. These were some of the possibilities talked over by the council.

75 years ago

From the March 22, 1935

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Farmington Fire Department praised

The local voluntary fire department was called to the Henry Schafer house opposite the Wm. Gannon residence Saturday evening. The fire which was burning the roof was quickly extinguished without damaging any other part of the house.

Mr. Schafer came down from Minneapolis Monday, and told the Tribune he never knew a better group of workmen who work so quickly and so efficiently, and especially when their services are gratis. He said this is the second time they have been called to this particular house and both times they saved the house from a great damage. He is sincerely grateful to the Farmington firemen.

Mercury at 54 as spring comes

Spring officially arrived here Thursday and brought with it balmy weather.

The mercury at noon stood at 54 above, according to Jerome Akin, government weather reporter here.

A flock of geese was seen flying north Wednesday evening, and a flock of ducks was reported over the John Devney farm two miles west of here, Wednesday morning.

Mrs. Wallace Wood of Castle Rock dug a half bushel of carrots and picked several pansies at her place, this week. They were not frozen.

Can you beat it?

115 years ago

From the March 21, 1895

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

High school budget

All signs show that spring is here. The boys have brought out their balls and marbles, and at recess the street near the school house is filled with the pupils enjoying the fresh air.

The Seniors held a short meeting Monday evening to discuss the coming great event, i. e. Commencement. Their meetings are not quite as numerous as they were a short time ago, but at the last meeting Walter Rodgers had the honor of being elected president.

The teachers had both an enjoyable and profitable visit to the city schools last Wednesday. But we fear they are all tired and sick from the effects of it except Prof. Childs who seems to be feeling better than usual and is out with his spring hat on.

The local news

It is very dry and we should get some heavy snow or rain this spring to fill up the wells and creeks or it will make it bad for the farmers.

The Farmington band will give an entertainment at Oddfellows' hall tomorrow evening. Our citizens should turn out and help the boys.

Miss Johnson will open a millinery store in the stein building.

Frank Elint has moved his barber shop into the Vaughan block.

There will be a partial eclipse of the sun next Tuesday, March 26. It will be visible to North America east of Frederiction, N. B., to Greenland, the extreme western edge of Europe, and the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Y. P. S. C. E. will give a birthday social in Fletcher's Hall on Friday evening, March 29th. Ice cream and cake will be served for ten cents. Games, etc., will be provided for those inclined to enjoy them. The public is generally and cordially invited.