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Looking back: 300 attended open house for the new disposal plant in 1960

25 years ago

From the March 27, 1985

edition of the

Farmington Independent

DEA office manager retires April 1

After 12 years as general office manager for Dakota Electric Association, 62-year-old Bob Rankin will retire April 1.

As chief accountant and supervisor of office operations, Rankin said he has seen many changes at the Farmington cooperative since he began in 1973.

One of the most satisfying highlights of his career, he said, has been to watch the cooperative expand....

Rankin also helped usher in the use of modern technology. The company has come a long way from using hand-powered adding machines to the installation of IBM computers for daily office tasks....

Data Processing Supervisor Wayne Briesacher will take over the general office manager's position effective April 1.

More than 300 attend DEA Meeting

Dakota Electric Association (DEA) members selected four directors, approved bylaw amendments, and discussed association concerns when they gathered Saturday, for the 47th annual meeting at McGuire Junior High School in Lakeville.

In the race for Board of Directors vacancies, Harold Gesme clinched the District 5 vacancy with 234 votes. His petition nominated opponent, Buford Fjellman, received 65 votes. Gesme will fill the position vacated by the late Glenn Anderson.

In district 8, Robert C. Jensen defeated his opponent Constance E. DeBuhr, 100.

In the two unopposed races, incumbent DEA President Art Volkert received 282 votes, and incumbent DEA Secretary Arnold Ness received 261 votes.

50 years ago

From the March 24, 1960

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Sammy didn't like the smoke

Little black "Sammy", has "had it" after Sunday morning.

The cute pooch owned by the John Jensens of Farmington was in the family '59 Rambler, parked outside the Presbyterian church.

Somehow, the seat caught fire, presumably from cigarette ashes. The car filled with smoke and steam and the fire was discovered as Jensen came to open the car.

"Sammy" snorted and rolled in the snow. He was found to be suffering from swollen membranes.

The loss was insured. Farmington fireman extinguished the blaze. The front and back seats were destroyed.

300 attend open house here at disposal plant

About 300 persons attended the open house Sunday afternoon at Farmington's new sewage disposal plant, north of town. Besides local folks, officials from neighboring cities and maintenance men were present.

The Graus Construction Co., of Hastings, general contractor, and Swanson Plumbing were hostesses for the free lunch. Hosts from the local village board were Herman Hagen, Mayor Roy Rademacher, Attorney John McBrien, Clerk Floyd Johnson and Mr. Peterson from Banister Engineers and Architects: Bill Hince, Maintenance Supt.

The disposal plant, built at a cost of $429,000 with the aid of federal funds, has been in operation since November 1, 1950. The plant is maintained by a rental plan.

Council buys new squad car

Farmington's village council, by a 3-2 vote, Monday night awarded contract for the new village squad car to the Farmington Auto Company.

The new Ford, a special heavy duty police car design, with interceptor motor, will be purchased for the bid of $1,758.30, plus trade on the old car.

75 years ago

From the March 29, 1935

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Joseph Heinen, county commissioner 16 years, dies; throng at rites

Joseph Heinen, age 68, former county commissioner of the fourth district, died at 2:00 o'clock, Monday morning at Community hospital, Farmington, where he had been suffering from illness several months.

His death brought to an end a long and active political career which included assessor of Vermillion township eight years, overseer of the Dakota County Home 16 years, county commissioner 16 years. During his many years of office he won the admiration of a legion of staunch friends who mourn the death of a good friend.

Kindergarten has 21 enrollment

The kindergarten work is progressing nicely since March 18th, when it commenced. There are 21 enrolled and Mrs. Geo. Empey is the teacher. The class will continue until he close of the regular school term.

The following are enrolled: John Daly, Donald Davidson, Louis Domian, Helen Ersfeld, Deane Falls, Charles Glarner, Warren Johnson, Phyllis Minnick, Patricia Partlow, Pauline Payne, Marlys Rush, Helen Ann Shirley, Shirley Stoneberg, Marilyn Topp, Ritha Mae Tutewohl, Ann Volden, Joann Walker, Fred Warwag, Richard Whittier, Patrick Williamson, Kathleen Wright.

At a recent meeting of the school board, all the teachers of the Farmington school were reelected except Miss Tones who was hired as a substitute in Miss Suderman's place after her resignation.

Rev. H. H. McLeod to give farewell sermon

Rev. H. H. McLeod, pastor of the Farmington Presbyterian church nearly nine years, will preach his last sermon here Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. His subject will be "A Pastor's Farewell."

Several weeks ago, Rev. McLeod who came from Cesta, July 1, 1926, accepted a call to the pastorate of the Litchfield Presbyterian church. The Farmington church reluctantly granted him a dismissal.

Rev. McLeod will be greatly missed, not only by his entire congregation with whom he had an individual personal touch, but in the whole community where he has been held in high esteem.

115 years ago

From the March 28, 1895

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Local news

It is a little quiet in town at present as the farmers are getting ready for their spring work.

A man over in Castle Rock went into his cow stable the other night and by mistake mixed her up a nice mash in a box full of sawdust instead of bran. The cow, merely supposing hard times had come and they were all going to economize, meekly ate her supper, and that man never discovered his mistake until the next morning when he milked that cow, and she let down half a gallon of turpentine, a quart of showpegs and bundle of lath. We return thanks to W. A. D. and R. A. c. for the above item.

A general good time is expected for the members of the C. E. Society and their friends at Fletcher's Hall next Friday evening, March 29. Ice cream, cake and coffee will be served, and a variety of games will be provided for those who enjoy them. A number of small sacks have been circulated, and any one bringing a sack with as many pennies (or their equivalent in other coin) as he is years old, will be served refreshments free of charge. The society invites you all to come, have a good time, and bring a sack full of pennies if you feel inclined.

High school budget

A bird carnival will be held in the intermediate room to-morrow

During the vacation next week, remember to relax your weary minds from the intellectual strains to which they have been subject of the past three months.

An explosion broke the stillness of the high school room last Friday. The cause was unknown, but the effects were plainly apparent. One member of the chemistry class, who was experimenting with the explosive, was lightly but not seriously injured, being able to retire from the scene of action unaided.