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Looking back: P.H. Feely was elected trustee in the 1895 village election

25 years ago

From the April 3, 1985

edition of the

Farmington Independent

Rescue squad saves lives

It has been four months since the Farmington rescue squad became an integral part of the city's emergency program. In that time, Rescue Captain Greg Thelen said the squad has made Farmington a safer community by assisting the police and fire departments in their life saving duties.

The squad has answered 17 calls ranging from strokes and poisoning, to personal injury accidents, Thelen said....

Once the unit was approved, the squad started First Responder training in September, the lowest level acceptable for rescue personnel.... Since then, the squad has been seeking additional training in airway management; emergency care for breathing problems. They are also learning to use extrication equipment and a device for automatic blood transfusions.

50 years ago

From the March 31, 1960

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

'Imagination' believed cause of Nike shots

The March 21st shooting at the Farmington Nike base was believed this week to be "a figment of a guard's imagination," according to a statement from the base Tuesday.

Lt. John J. Wenzel, commanding officer of the Nike base, said in the statement that possible disciplinary action is contemplated against the guard, pending the final report of investigation.

The guard, who was not named, was a dog handler, guarding the internal and highly restricted area which is the launching section.

The guard thought he heard shots fired, and at the same time he thought he saw gun flashes, at about 11 p.m.

He did fire two rounds of 45 calibre ammunition at the spot where he thought he saw the flashes. This spot was south of the base outside the Nike area....

Lt. Wenzel told the Tribune in a statement, the guard has admitted it was his imagination.

Duane Parker heads local Com'l Club

Sixty-nine Farmington businessmen and guests attended the annual Commercial Club banquet Saturday evening at the Farmington Elementary school.

The audience heard Don Piccard, famous balloonist from the Schjeidahl Company, Northfield, give a highly interesting and descriptive talk on ballooning.

New officers and board of directors for the coming year were announced as follows:

Duane parker, dairy operator, president; Jim Gerths, insurance representative, vice president; Bob Schneider, home appliances and furniture merchant, secretary; Dan Miller, lumber yard manager, treasurer; and Bob Steele, furniture merchant; Don Paul, gas manager; and Jerry Johnson, radio-TV merchant board members.

Cathy Boehlke gets "Superior" speech rating

Thirteen students represented Farmington High School at the District 14 Speech Contest on Saturday March 26 at South St. Paul. These students had previously been judged "superior" in various speech categories at the Farmington local contest on March 14.

Cathy Boehlke was the only member of the group to receive a "superior" rating, and will go on to the Region Speech Contest at Mahtomedi April 6. Cathy was in the Serious Interpretative Reading Category, and delivered a selection from "John Brown's Body".

Other students who received "excellent" ratings at the District 14 contest are as follows: Paul Thomas, Original Oratory; Beatrice Larson, Memorized Oratory; Joni Wohlkittel and Jean Brinkman, Discussion; Pat Schroeder and Jane Crost, Extemporaneous and Jane Brost, Extemporaneous Manuscript Reading; Carol Nelson and Gayle Bester, Pantomime.

Jim Smith in the Extemporaneous Speaking category received a "very good" rating.

75 years ago

From the April 5, 1935

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Assistant bank cashier resigns

Mrs. Millard Whittier, capable assistant cashier at the First National bank, Farmington, resigned April 1st after being in the employ of the bank over five years.

James B. Ackerman, son of Mrs. Mae Ackerman of Farmington, started as bookkeeper at the bank some time ago. James is a graduate of the Farmington high school in the class of 1932, and later was graduated from N. S. Nichols Business college, St. Paul, and from a comptometer school at Midway.

Annual reorganization of local Boy's Club

The annual reorganization meting of the Farmington Boys' Club was held at the school house Tuesday, April 2. Sixteen members were present.

The officers were elected: Russell Larson, president; Robert McDermoot vice-pres.; Willard Carlson, sec'y and treas.' Deane Harris, junior leader, O. E. Domian, senior leader.

Miss Christianson, county club leader, and Jack Wasson, county agent, were present as advisors.

The members enrolled are: Russell Larson, Edward Betlock, Homer Chase, Harry Tucker, Robt. Stegmaier, Willard Carlson, Warren Mellang, Clarence Gelder, Robt. Medjo, James and Gerald Walsh, Robt. McDermott, Deane Harris, Stanley Harris, Robt. Carey and Eugene Stegmaier. The club expects an increased enrollment at an early date.

Willard Carlson, reporter.

115 years ago

From the April 4, 1895

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

The Local News

J. C. A. Methner, who recently purchased the depot lunch counter of A. Records, has removed his family to this village and will begin business at once.

Fred Bunnell, the popular host of the Phoenix, was in St. Paul a few days this week in the interests of his excellent hostelry.

Forty-eight commercial men were registered at the Phoenix the past week. A pretty good record for this season of year.

Village election

With the dawn of the day last Tuesday the asparrants for city office were in the field, ready to do or die for their ticket. No little excitement was stirred up among the candidates by the circulation of slips printed with rubber stamps for "W. M. Dodge for trustee." A hot contest was expected by those securing slips but it proved only a myth, and early in the day it was manifest that the candidates chosen by the caucus were alone in the field. No opposition was made and the election was the quietest known in this village for many years...The anti-liquor men were very much disgusted with the outcome but did not display energy sufficient to put candidates in the field for their cause.

The returns were counted in very short order and showed a total of only seventy-three votes cast. Following is the official count of ballots cast for trustee.

P. H. Feely, 66; W. M. Dodge, 6; E. L. Brackett, 1.

The office of treasurer was an easy victory for Mr. Taylor with votes:

George R. Taylor, 71; T. C. Davis, 1.

The men elected are good, shrewd men and we trust they will act for the village's good and leave a record of which they will not be ashamed.