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Looking back: Dr. Dodge Jr. invented eye crutches 75 years ago this week

50 years ago

From the December 29, 1960 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Who will be first 1961 baby?

Who will be the first baby of this area in 1961?

The Tribune again is offering a $5.00 prize for the first birth reported to us, either day or night....

The baby's picture will appear in the tribune and the parents will receive an enlarged picture free.

Expect to build new postoffice here in spring

H. T. Orr, regional real estate officer for the Minneapolis Regional office of the U.S. Postoffice department, said he expected that construction of new post office quarters at Farmington would begin in the spring.

"It is known that the Farmington Post Office is in need of larger and improved quarters. I expect to start investigation toward obtaining them early in 1961.

"The lease on the present quarters does not expire until September 30, 1961. Every effort will be made to get the paper work done during the current winter, so that construction of the new quarters can start next spring, and be ready for occupancy by the time the present lease expires."

Mr. Orr did not comment on the site of the new postoffice building.

E.M. Gerster, optometrist 41 years, retires

Dr. Ernest M. Gerster, optometrist in Farmington 41 years, announced his retirement in that capacity, effective December 30, 1960.

At the same time, Dr. R. J. McDonnell, optometrist, is announcing the purchase of the patient records and optometric practice of Dr. Gerster, formerly located at the Gerster Jewelry Store, and which will now be located in the Steadman Building, 316 Third Street, Farmington, next to the First National Bank....

The Gerster Jewelry Store will have no change in management. It will still be operated by James Gerster, son of Dr. Ernest Gerster.

Mailboxes are damaged

The Farmington postoffice was informed mail boxes were tampered with Friday on the east service lane starting at Harold Gilomens and going north.

Some person, or persons, bent the flags on the boxes and in some cases the flags were removed.

The postoffice department wants to remind individuals that tampering with a mail box is a federal offense and persons apprehended for doing such will be punished.

Slabs poured for FAA air center here

According to Lon Wirtzberger, superintendent for Zarpas - Fullerton Construction company, the Federal Aviation project just west of Farmington is right on schedule.

During the past two weeks the concrete has been poured on the floor slabs and the next step of erecting the structural steel beams is taking place.

V-beam protective siding will be used in the building and the administrative area will have aluminum curtain walls.

They expect to be far enough progressed to install the aluminum walls about the 1st of February.

75 years ago

From the January 3, 1936

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Dr. Dodge Jr. invents eye aid

A new type of crutch for eyelids that won't stay open was announced Saturday in the Archives of Ophthalmology at Chicago, according to the Pioneer Press.

The crutches were developed by Dr. W. M. Dodge Jr., of the department of ophthalmology, Battle Creek Sanatorium, battle Creek, Mich. Dr. Dodge, age 34, is a son of Dr. W. M. Dodge Sr. of Farmington, a graduate of the Farmington High school in the class of 1919, and of the University of Minnesota in 1927....

Dr. Dodge's recent invention of eye crutches for drooping eyelids which look like the antennae of butterflies or moths, are attached to the bridge of the patient's spectacles. Made of piano wire protected by rubber tubing, they are curved to fit the folds of the upper eyelid.

Inconspicuous and easily worn, they are recommended for persons suffering from ptosis, paralytic drooping of the eyelids.

"Inauguration" Monday night

Farmington's new village council will take office next week and the fist meeting will be held Monday night, January 6, Mrs. John Wright, village recorder, said today.

The new council is made up of the following:

Mayor, Wm. McHugh.

Councilmen, George Manners and Fred R. Griebie.

Recorder, Mrs. John Wright.

Councilman Manners is confined to Community hospital and probably will not be present at the first meeting of the year.

Volden Bros. buy five Chev. trucks

Volden Bros., road contractors, this week purchased a fleet of five Chevrolet trucks from Ecklund-Falls Chevrolet Co., for April delivery. The north New Market road job having been the last one of the fall season, the Volden Bros. Road equipment is stored at the Betz garage in Lakeville during the winter months, Verdie Volden, Farmington, said today.

115 years ago

From the December 2, 1896 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

The local news

W. S. Jordan has given up his possession to the Roller Mill and has stopped grinding at the mill

Officers of Corinthian Lodge No. 67 A. F. and A. M., were W. M., M. W. Niederkorn; S. W, C. O. Wescott, J. W., W. M. Dodge; Treas., W. H. Brownell; Sec'y., H. H. Judson; S. D., F. H. Griebie; J. D., G. F. Akin; S. S, E Z. Needham; J. S, E. L. Brackett; Typler, O. S. Lundberg. They were installed at special meeting held Dec. 27, 1895, by J. M. D. Craft.

More good entertainments like the Ski-u-mah Concert would meet with ready appreciation among the people of this town.

A picture of Lincoln, now published for the fist time by S.S. McClure has been received at the office, it is copied from a photograph taken in 1861.

Officer W. H. Brownell was in Faribault, on official business connected with the Castle Rock breaking and entering case, Wednesday and on his way home a man giving his name as John Riley was turned over to his charge by the conductor of the train. Riley is charged with taking a coat and cap belonging to Conductor McCormick at Austin. The prisoner was turned over to Officer Riley of the road Thursday morning. The coat and cap hung in the express office till train time.