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Road work will disrupt traffic in Hampton this summer

About this time next year, the City of Hampton will be getting started with a major road reconstruction project. Construction will cover less than half a mile of the city's downtown streets, but those streets will be rebuilt entirely - with new sidewalks, curbs, gutters, parking, water and sanitary sewer mains and storm sewers. The project cost is estimated at $1.3 million - nearly half what the City of Hastings expects to pay for its 3-plus-mile street improvement project this year.

The construction is part of a 20-year capital improvement plan the city started in 2006, which scheduled reconstruction of nearly all of Hampton's downtown streets by 2026. Projects were to be done in four-year increments, but last year's project got pushed back. Now, Mn/DOT plans to build a set of interchange ramps at highways 47 and 52, which would close access to Highway 52 from downtown Hampton on Park and Lincoln streets. Because of the access closures and increased traffic through the city, Mn/DOT has offered to contribute $500,000 to the street project, and Hampton has deviated from its original 20-year project plan to accommodate the state's changes.

The 2010 project would have rebuilt Main Street from Northfield Boulevard to Park Street. About half of that will be done next year, as well as Lincoln Street from Main Street to Highway 52 and Belmont Street from Lincoln to Park Street. The end of Park Street will be converted into a parking area.

Beyond Mn/DOTs contribution, the project will be funded by special assessments ($260,000), sewer and water funds ($100,000) and bonds. Bonds would result in a tax increase of about $145 for a $150,000 home.

Hampton recently held a public hearing and open house on the project.

"In general, people are in support of the project," said Mary Schultz, Hampton's city clerk.

After the March 1 open house, city engineering staff reported back to the city council that most of the discussion focused on what type of parking was preferred on Main Street and the need for sidewalks on Lincoln and Belmont streets.

Next in the process is ordering the improvement and preparation of final plans, which will be brought to Hampton's city council in May.

Mn/DOTs ramp project is currently estimated to cost $4.76 million, of which $2.86 million would be paid by Dakota County. It includes on- and off-ramps for both the north- and southbound lanes of Highway 52, located north of Highway 47. It would also connect the frontage road on the east of Highway 52 to Highway 47.

Construction on both the highway and city street project is expected to begin in the spring of 2012.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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