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Flooding closes Highway 50 in Farmington

Flooding caused by heavy rains shut down about a mile of Highway 50 west of downtown Farmington and left some motorists stranded for more than an hour Friday afternoon.

The rains caused backups in some of the city's storm sewers around 2 p.m. Friday. The water ran over the highway and blocked roads in part of the city's industrial park.

Phil Stanley was on his way to a funeral when his car stalled on Highway 50. An hour later, he was shuttling golf clubs, a crock pot and other items to a car parked on the bike path along the highway.

"There were cars making it through, and we were the last one," said Stanley, who missed the funeral

In the industrial park nearby, a man who gave his name only as Terry had a similar experience. He was leaving work at Valmont Industries when his car stalled in an intersection.

"I saw another car go through and figured I could go through, but apparently my clearance wasn't enough," he said.

Farmington police had the stretch of Highway 50 blocked off shortly after the flooding started, and around 3 p.m. city engineer Kevin Schorzman said it would be a while still before the road was clear. He said he'd seen the water go down about 75 feet in half an hour.

"The storm (sewer) system is still working like it should, but when there's this much rain, this is what happened," Schorzman said. "This is one of those things. A lot of people will probably see this as a failure of the system, but we can't design our system for a storm like this or there'd be no room for anything else."

Schorzman said there was flooding on Ash Street and on Spruce Street near Schmitz-Maki Arena but the situation in those areas was not as bad as on Highway 50. Parts of Rambling River Park remained flooded through at least Saturday evening.

The rain also caused flooding on part of Biscayne Avenue and on a soccer field in Empire Township.