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Looking Back: Girl, 12, was caught setting fires at an area farm 100 years ago

50 years ago

From the July 26, 1962

edition of the

Farmington Independent

Council OKs Dalaska dump site, Empire

Farmington's city council has arrived at a deal with Henry Dalaska of Empire Village for a new village dump site in a Vermillion township woods.

The agreement is basically that Dalaska will accept and take care of an average of two garbage truckloads of refuse, daily from Farmington village.

His charge is $85 monthly, or $1,020 per year....

The new site is about seven miles east of Farmington. It is located in the woods, half a mile south, and one-quarter mile east of Empire....

As to charges, Dalaska estimated the average trailerload of material of burnable nature, or not requiring extreme care, would pay about a quarter. Material requiring labor and covering would cost 50 cents for a trailer load.

"It depends on the load," declared Dalaska, who said private Saturday dumping hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Regarding the old dump in Castle Rock township, Sanitation Superintendent Bill Hince is vacationing until August 4, with Bob Briesacher in charge, Village officials presume the old site will be closed August 1.

Two hailstorms wreck area crops

At least three distinct areas had thousands of acres of bumper crop corn, beans and grain shredded by hail in two separate storms, Saturday night, and late Sunday afternoon.

Some farms caught in the hail belts estimated 100 percent crop lost, with exception of salvage for silage.

Empey Farms, southeast of Farmington in Castle Rock township, one of the larger area farms of about 1,200 acres, had 50 percent crop loss. George Empey, one of the farm operators, said it's the first real hail they have had in 20 years....

Among the farmers who estimated heavy damage were Ray Angus (his crop completely gone), Red Henderson, Mattie May, Carl Ballard, Wayne Stevens, William Hallcock, Adolph Ruud, George Tutewhohl, Ray Meyer and others in that area....

On Sunday, hail hit Farmington again, this time more to the west, claiming some farmers who had been partially hit the day before.

Vern Kelly, Norman Hansen, (farming near the gas pumping plant); Bill Hammers, the Green Giant station, Adelmann's and others in that vicinity, up through the Jim Stevens' place to Finnegan's cattle stockyards where it tapered off....

Ron Thelen, grocery operator who tried to save a tree by righting it, said the tree blew down again. This time it was "finished," as all the roots were broken off. The beautiful tree had been destroyed.

Council agrees on 3rd Street widening here

Farmington's city council agreed informally to go ahead with widening half a mile of Third Street, which is county State Aid Street, which is County State Aid Highway 33, from Spruce (Glen's Chevrolet Corner), to Ash Street (near fairgrounds entrance).

Twenty of the property owners along the street appeared for a spirited discussion. Some objected rather vociferously citing a "speed" potential of the proposed 44-foot width. They declared they had paid for the curbing once, and didn't feel like they should pay for it again. Also, that it was good enough for many years and it was good enough now....

The total cost of the project is $59,000, including extension of storm sewer for the south 600 feet of the project. This storm sewer, according to the council, would be assumed by general taxation as the past policy established does not require assessing for storm sewer.

About $6,400 of the $59,000 project would be the only assessible figure. The village would pay $3,000 for the storm sewer, and the rest would be state-aided county project.

Car in river case is solved

The Dakota County sheriff's office has solved Carleton's car in river case.

It belonged to a Farmington youth who indicated it was dumped in the river as a joke.

Police and rescue squads who had searched for bodies following the July 11th incident in the Cannon River had failed to see the humor.

Paul James Asher, 18, of Farmington, is being tagged under Statute 616.163, Sec. 1 and 2, forbiding dumping into public waters.

Asher is due into Judge Malecha's court here Wednesday night.

Investigation revealed youths were "hot-rodding" around the Carleton arboretum when they hit a tree and blew the right front tire. They knocked the radiator back against the fan and decided the car wasn't worth bringing back to Farmington, police said....

The Dakota County sheriff and deputies, the Northfield rescue squad hunted vainly for bodies, and wasted a lot of rescue efforts and time.

75 years ago

From the July 30, 1937

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Undecided about appealing case

Officials of the Central Electric & Telephone company had not decided this week whether or not they will appeal their franchise case to the state supreme court from Judge W. A. Schultz's decision which, in effect, knocks out the franchise ordinance passed by the old village council Nov. 2, 1936, and vacates the restraining order which attempted to prevent the new council from rescinding the action of the old council Jan. 4 of this year.

John McBrien of the law firm of Rietz & McBrien, attorneys for the Central Electric company in both cases, said they expect to appeal the case to the higher court. Grannis & Grannis represented Casey and Whittier in the first case, and Harold Stassen represented the new council in the second case.

2,000 attended cycle races here

A crowd of between 1,800 to 2,000 witnessed the motorcycle races and stunt program staged at the fairgrounds, Farmington, Sunday it was estimated by Geo. Kaisersatt.

Although three riders were spilled from their machines, no one was injured. Some 200 riders from the Twin Cities and other sections of the state attended the meet. The event was sponsored by the Gopher State Motorcycle club of the Twin Cities.

100 years ago

From the July 26, 1912

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Girl applies torch

Fire was set four times in three places on the E. N. Kraft premises Wednesday morning about 9 o'clock. The little girl who makes her home with the Kraft family discovered smoke issuing from door of the wood shed. She informed Mrs. Kraft of her discovery and the fire, which was started in some clothing saturated with kerosene and hanging on the wall, was extinguished.

After putting out the fire she went to the field to inform her husband and while away fires were set in the pantry and the closet upstairs. While they were extinguishing these fires, the fire was again started in the clothing in the wood shed. The fire in the closet upstairs had gained considerable headway and it was through a timely strenuous application of water the house was saved.

About 5 o'clock the same evening fire was discovered in the wood shed, but this too was extinguished before any damage was done.

The fire is a mystery....

The miscreant has been caught. Miss Rose Kraft mistrusted the little girl, Lottie Eberhart, who has been making her home with the Kraft's since last spring, and watched her.

G.F. Akin for representative

G.F. Akin of this city will be a candidate before the primaries for the office of representative. His name was mentioned two years ago, but Mr. Akin would not allow his name to be used at that time. He is doing this at the urgent request of his friends. He is well known throughout the county and being a worker his candidacy will put a new phase to the political situation.

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