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Lacemaking is a longtime passion for Farmington's Pam Tucker

Farmington resident Pam Tucker has had a passion for making lace since she discovered the craft in the mid-1980s.

From clothing to handkerchiefs to tablecloths to jewelry, the art of lace making can be seen all around you.

Now, could you look at that tablecloth and identify what technique was used? Is it bobbin lace, knitted or crochet? If you asked Pam Tucker, of Farmington, she could tell you. She could teach you how to make it as well.

Tucker has been making lace since the 1980s. She was first introduced to lace making in Duluth, where she saw a demonstration. She fel in love immediately, and in the mid-1980s she joined the Minnesota Lace Society. She has been a member ever since.

The Minnesota Lace Society sets out to give a history and teach the community about lace making. Tucker is currently the president of the society and has been for the last four years. She is very experienced in the art, and she can create many styles of lace using many techniques. One of her favorite techniques is bobbin lace. Bobbin lace is done by placing pins in a pattern on a pillow and using a series of bobbins with thread on them. The thread is manipulated around the pins to create the design previously laid out.

She mainly gives her pieces to her family and friends as gifts. She makes about 25 lace Christmas ornaments every year for gifts. More of her work is framed and used as wall art.

Lace making is a long process. On average one square inch is about one hour of work. Tucker says she loves making lace because it is "unique" and she likes to "create something out of nothing."

The Minnesota Lace Society is hosting its annual International Old Lacemakers Inc. convention Aug 5-11. The convention will feature lacemaking workshops and speakers talking about the history of lace. If you would like to learn more about lace making, you can go to the lace convention public day, Aug. 8 in St. Paul. The public day will allow you to listen and learn from lacemakers as well as buy lace for yourself. You can go to the Minnesota Lace Society's website for more information:

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