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Farmington's Holz named outstanding senior

Don Holz received the Dakota County Outstanding Senior Citizen Award Aug. 9 at the Dakota County Fair. He is an active volunteer and blood donor.

Farmington resident Don Holz was recognized last week as the Outstanding Senior Citizen in Dakota County for all of his volunteer work.

Holz received the award Aug. 9 at the Dakota County Fair. Holz spends much of his time volunteering at various places in the area. He is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, and a "Friend of the Farm" at the Holz Historic Farm.

The Holz Historic Farm is located in Eagan and gives people a chance to experience what family life was like from the Great Depression to World War II. Holz spends his time there as a part of the non-profit organization, "Friends of the Farm." The organization plans and conducts a variety of events at Holz Farm.

Holz also donates to the Red Cross. He donates platelets and granulocytes. A donation of platelets is about a two and a half hour process and a donation of granulocytes takes about three hours.

Holz will be recognized at the Minnesota State Fair as the Dakota County representative for the Outstanding Senior Citizen Award.

Holz called the award "an honor." He also said there are many more people who are deserving of the award. Holz accepted the award for himself, as well as all of those people.

Holz will join representatives from all over the state at the state fair to be recognized for all the things they do for their communities. One representative will be selected to represent the state.

Nathan Hansen

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