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Looking back: Horse disease hit Farmington in 1962

25 years ago

From the Aug. 12, 1987

edition of the

Farmington Independent

Firemen happy with rescue truck progress

Members of the Farmington Fire Department Fire and Rescue Truck Committee traveled to Osceola, Wisconsin to review the progress on the department's new fire and rescue truck.

Fire Chief Ken Kuchera said the committee, which includes himself, Dirk Rotty, Denny Pepera, Steve Snyder, Tim Pietsch and Jim Meyer were impressed with the quality of workmanship put into the vehicle by its manufacturer, Custom Fire Apparatus, Inc.

Kuchera said the new truck, which will be completed September 1, will have many advantages over their current truck, a 1969 International Metro Step Van the department purchased from the Northfield Fire Department in 1979....

The interior of the truck will have 48 cubic feet of storage space. The breathing apparatus units will be swivel mounted in the new truck, which will make them easier to put on.

The new truck should also be safer for the firemen riding in it because of the seating arrangement.

Kuchera said the old truck only had seating for three. The rest of the firemen had to stand up.

In the new truck, seven firemen will be able to ride seated with seatbelts. The new truck will have a built-in diesel generator that can supply auxiliary power for rescue tools and lighting. The new truck will also house extensive radio equipment and an incident command center.

Kuchera said the department would like to thank the organization that donated money toward the purchase of the truck. He said $5,000 was donated towards the purchase of the $97,493 truck and $10,000 was donated for the equipment.

50 years ago

From the Aug. 16, 1962

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Hospital in Farmington to serve the public

Since the State Board of Health has said that Farmington must have a new hospital or no hospital, the situation is serious. A vigorous campaign is being launched at this time for the new hospital so much needed.

The people in this community are given the opportunity to use federal funds up to 45 percent of the cost of the hospital. Hill-Burton federal funds is money that taxpayers have already paid and set aside by the government for this purpose and they do not need to be paid back. The bulk of the money must be raised by Sept. 13. One out of every eight will need hospital care this year, it may be you.

Notes on the County Fair

Helping with entries at the Dakota County Fair, were Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Nelson and Lois Phyllis of Randolph, Mrs. Owen Storlie of Lakeville, Mrs. Alan Childs, of Randolph. . . .

On Sunday night, Rogers Brothers said they had a better year than last. The carnival, which consists of 35 concessions and 11 rides, was situated in a new location near the grandstand....

The carnival has been "Rogers Brothers" since 1939 (23 years ago). Farmington was in their first circuit, and they had only two rides, the merry go round and the wheel. Rogers has played Farmington 22 out of the 23 years....

4-H Blue ribbon winners at fair

4-H Beef

P. Angus Yearling Heifer: Linda Hagen, Linus Fox.

Shorthorn Heifers: Patricia Swanson, Allen Swanson, Margaret Swanson, Tom Nordseth, John Caneff.

Angus Steer Yearling: Linda Hagen, Jerrie Mahoney, James Braun, Allen Swanson.

Hereford Steers: Fern Luedke, David May, Larry Ames.

Shorthorn Steers: John Caneff, Margaret Swanson, James Nordseth, Tom Nordseth.

Beef Showman: Linda Hagen.

4-H Dairy

P.B. Holstein Calf: Mary McAndrews, Harlan Radman, Mike Corrigan, Paul Trapp, Bob Leifeld, John Carroll, Sharon Miller.

Jr. Yearling: P.B. Holstein; Keith Knodt, John Carroll, Elizabeth Trapp.

P.B. Holstein Sr. Yearling: Bob Leifeld, Harlan Radman, Paul Trapp, John Carroll, Sharon Miller, Elizabeth Trapp.

Grade Sr. Yearling Holstein: Harlan Radman, John Peter, Sharon Miller, Ralph Peter, Bob Fischer.

P.B. 2 Yr. Old Holstein: Paul Trapp, John Carroll, Bob Leifeld, Elizabeth Trapp, Jerry Scott.

Grade Holstein J. Calf: Harlan Radman, Eugene Molitor, Karen Wille, Bill Sorg, Patricia Rechtzigel, Tom Carroll, John Peter, Ralph Peter, Bob Fischer, Garry Sorg, Mike Johnson, Robert Raway.

Grade Jr. Yearling Holstein: Paul Thomas, Donna Hall, Alyn Angus. . . .

4-H Swine

P.B. Duroc Jersey Gilts: Leo Nicolai, Gerry Nicolai.

Cheater White P.B. Gilts: Ronald Langenfeld.

P.B. Poland Chian Gilts: David May, Doug May, Kenneth Betzold, Ronnie Betzold, Wayne Grisim.

P.B. Yorkshire Gilts: Richard Sullivan, John Sullivan.

Crossbred Gilts: Larry Sauber, Lee Schwartz, Keith Kromschroeder, Tom Gergen.

Grade Poland China Gilt: Gene Tousignant.

75 years ago

From the Aug. 20, 1937

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Farmington mentor accepts coaching, teaching job at Montevideo

Oscar Lubke, Farmington High School coach and instructor since 1929, resigned Tuesday to accept a similar position at Montevideo High School.

His resignation was accepted by the school board at a meeting Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Lubke will leave the first of the week for Montevideo where football practice is scheduled to start Wednesday.

Mr. Lubke's coaching ability is clearly reflected in the enviable record Tiger athletes have established during his 8-year tenure here.

In each of the past four years, Farmington has brought home the Mississippi Valley Conference Championship in both football and basketball. A glance at the football record alone reveals that the Tigers have won 24, tied one and lost only two conference grid battles in the past four years.

Over the same period of time, Farmington has been victorious in 48 out of a total of 52 conference basketball games....

"Farmington seems like home to me and I only wish I could take along to Montevideo the boys with whom I have so greatly enjoyed working with here," he said. "If my successor gets only half the cooperation I have received from the students and the town as a whole, his success will be assured."

Horse disease invades county -- Farmington animals stricken by brain fever

"Sleeping sickness," the brain fever malady which has caused numerous deaths among horses on Minnesota farms has spread into Dakota County.

At least three horses on farms in the vicinity of Farmington have been stricken by this disease -- known by the medical name of "encephalomyelitis" -- it was reported this week by two local veterinarians.

More than a dozen horses in this area have been affected during the last two weeks by the contagious disease, which is believed to be spread by some type of mosquito or fly in a manner not yet discovered by science.

100 years ago

From the Aug. 16, 1912

edition of he

Dakota County Tribune

Farmington News

W.M. Brackett was a city visitor Wednesday.

Henry Wahl was over from Eureka Saturday.

R.W. Phillips was up from Castle Rock Monday.

Jim Devney made a business trip to Hastings Saturday.

E.M. Richardson had business in the Twin Cities Tuesday.

Miss Eva Sawyer of Winnipeg is a guest of her old friend Miss Lorena Akin.

Miss Katherin Mongan went to St. Paul Monday to picnic with some friends at Lake Harriet.

Mrs. Cecil Clay and Miss Mildred Clay, who have been spending two weeks visiting the Tribune home, returned to Austin, Monday.

Jim Devney sold his 80-acre farm two miles east of town to Frank Ely, the consideration being $82.50 per acre. The deal was made through J.K. Troll.

Miss Hattie Watson left yesterday for Port Angus, Wash., after spending the summer in Minnesota, the most beautiful spot on earth to spend summer in.