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Gas company will test safety system in Farmington May 13

Northern Natural Gas Company is planning to test an emergency shutdown system at its Farmington compressor station. The test should begin around 9:30 a.m. May 13.

The compressor station is located at 4685 212th St. W.

Annual testing of the emergency shutdown system is a requirement of the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation. The purpose is to ensure proper operation of system components.

The test involves venting gas as well as a moderately loud sound. The sound is expected to last about three minutes.

There is no need to be concerned about venting gas, noise or personal safety as this testing is conducted in a controlled environment.

The natural gas is non-polluting and lighter than air, which means it will rise quickly and dissipate immediately.

For questions or concerns call Terry Janzen, 651-456-1722 ext. 1722.