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Empire Township hired an attorney to fight annexation efforts 20 years ago

20 years ago

From the June 3 1993

edition of the

Farmington Independent

Top 10 percent of the (FHS) Class of 1993

Salutatorian Leo Gerten, Valedictorian Joe Ellyn Kruger. Jeff Jolley, Sonja Stanek, Heidi Wilson, Kim Volovsek, Michael Turay, Brandon Huebsch, Ben Krippner, Tim Nelson, Dave Isenmann, Kathryn Hastings, Theresa Martin, Michael Strunk, and Shannon Walz.

Empire hires attorney to fight annexation

"We will fight all of them."

That comment by Floyd Henry, town clerk, summarizes the reaction of Empire Township to recent annexation proposals by Farmington and Rosemount.

"We have hired the same attorney who fought this annexation before," Henry said. The attorney is Peter Schmitz of Northfield....

A public information meeting will be held at 7 p.m. June 16 at the Empire Town Hall. All township landowners are being notified. Henry said that the board wants to hear the wishes of the township residents.

50 years ago

From the May 30, 1963

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Centennial noted at "Valley" cemetery

The Castle Rock Valley cemetery, southeast of Farmington, celebrated its centennial with memorial services Sunday afternoon, May 26. The occasion was also the 50th anniversary of the civil war monument located in the cemetery and dedicated May 30, 1913....

The beginning of the cemetery 100 years ago was at an annual Castle Rock township meeting, April 7, 1863. At that time a committee was appointed to select a site for a public cemetery. At a special meeting held June 9, the committee reported that they had selected six acres in the northeast corner of the southeast quarter of Section 21, Castle Rock, which could be purchased for $5 per acre.

The report was accepted and a surveyor was employed to lay out the grounds. This was the beginning of Castle Rock Valley cemetery. Previous to this, bodies were buried on farms or in other cemeteries and then removed and re-interred in the newly-formed cemetery in 1863....

The following list of service men buried in this cemetery, who were honored with flags and flowers last Sunday, are all Civil War veterans, except two, Alfred Day Sr., (War of 1812) and Clarence Kraft (World War I): Phil Wittier, Hezekiah Bush, Alfred Day, Sr., Sam Harnden, Henry Sanders, Henry Hamann, Charles Rowell, Barney Stevens, Peter Pflaum, Thomas Best, Captain Leonard Aldrich, John Teachout, Alonzo Aldrich, Cyrus Van Vliet, William Parker, Benjamin Hoff, George S. Perry, Thomas Nasey, Alfred Day Jr., E.J. Chapel, Levi Day, Harlow Van Vliet, Clarence Kraft.

75 years ago

From the June 3, 1938

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Richard Arlen, movie star, made honorary captain of Farmington school patrol

Richard Arlen, popular movie star, was made an honorary captain of the Farmington school patrol this week. The photo shows the famous star and 15 members of the local school patrol standing in front of the home of Mr. Arlen's parents in St. Paul, Monday morning.

The event was arranged by George Kaisersatt, state highway patrolman, a personal friend of the movie actor.

Mr. Arlen, who was spending a week with his parents at St. Paul, had planned to come to Farmington Tuesday and inspect the patrol, but a long distance telephone call summoned him to Hollywood to a start a new picture. Before leaving by plane, the actor met the boys at his parents' home and posed for a Tribune photographer. He shook hands with each boy and told them of the school patrol in Los Angeles.

100 years ago

From the May 30, 1913

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

The question is up

The question to be decided on Saturday evening by the voters of School Dist. No. 80 is, Will School Dist. No 40 have a new modern school building or not?

The need of it is apparent to all. The expense of it need not scare anybody into voting against it, you will only look into the proposition...

Another matter that should be considered is our state aid. If we had the requirements, our state aid could be increased sufficient to equal half of our interest. We are running our school at the present time at that much of a loss....

The question of site is not involved at all in this election. If you want a change of site, that will have to be brought up later....

You all know the need of a new building. If you don't get in this time, we will have to try again.

Clean up notice

To the owners of property and those renting and occupying resident property in the village of Farmington, Dakota County, state of Minnesota, you are hereby notified to remove all ash and manure piles, rid stove pipes, tin cans, broken bottles and other rubbish that would naturally disfigure the beauty of our village or impair the sanitary condition thereof, also put your privies in a sanitary condition on or before the 15th day of May A. D. 1913

H.N. Rogers M.D.

Chairman of Board of Health

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