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Farmington woman greeted her son with the flag he flew over his base in Kuwait

On June 3, Nan Perry, a resident of Farmington, went to pick her son, Sam, up from the airport. Sam, a satellite communications specialist, had just completed a one year tour in Kuwait, and she wanted to welcome him home in a special way.

After getting in contact with the board of her townhome association, Perry was given special permission to hang a flag on her garage door. Fixing items to the doors of the townhomes is not otherwise permitted, but Perry received an exception for this special homecoming.

"He's been in Kuwait for over a year, and I wanted to recognize his service and honor him," Perry said.

The flag that Perry hung was not just any flag; it was the flag her son was responsible for flying over the base for a day, one he had purchased for the occasion.

"The flag is different every single day, and the flags can be dedicated for different purposes every day," Sam said.

The flag flew for an entire day at the base at Camp Arisjan, Kuwait.

"I raised it in the morning and lowered it in the evening, and then I mailed it home to my mom, because I love my mom," Sam said.

Perry added that people in the neighborhood who were also in the service helped her hang the flag before Sam's arrival home.

"It was really meaningful that he sent it home to me with a letter," Perry said. "That was a really special gift."

When Perry brought her son home, the flag's display was special as well.

"We put spotlights on it, and when we came home Monday night very late it was all you could see in the whole neighborhood because it was so dark," Perry said.

Nathan Hansen

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