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Morris man faces charges for having sex with 12-year-old

A 28-year-old Morris man faces multiple charges of having sexual contact with a person under the age of 13.

Gerald Lee Thorstad Jr. has been charged in Stevens County District Court with four counts of first-degree criminal sexual contact with a person under age 13.

According to the complaint against Thorstad, he had various sexual relations with the victim on July 1, 2007, July 8, 2007, Aug. 1, 2007 and Aug. 23, 2007.

Thorstad is in custody and faces 30 years in prison and/or a $40,000 fine for each count of having sexual contact with a person who is under age 13 and who is at least 36 months younger.

According to the complaint, Thorstad warned the victim after the contacts not to tell anyone because he could go to prison.

The victim told a parent about the incidents and law enforcement was notified. The complaint against Thorstad was filed Tuesday.

The defendant stated in the complaint that he was aware the victim was 12 years old and he admitted telling the victim to not say anything because he could face prison sentences.