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New millionaire has no big plans

Although his bank account has bulged, Red Wing's recent lottery winner says he doesn't see much change in his future.

Jerome Cody, the Hot Lotto winner of $4.466 million, said at a news conference Monday that he and his wife, Jane, have no plans as of yet on how to spend their millions.

"Hopefully, everything falls into place," Cody said.

As this happens, however, he said he and his wife aren't likely to get caught up by the fact they are now millionaires.

"We're basically everyday, normal people," Cody said. "We don't want to change who we are as people."

Cody said he and his wife have no vacations planned, and as far as a new home in a warmer climate, he said he likes it here in Minnesota.

What about a new vehicle?

Nah, Cody said. He bought a new truck last spring. And while his wife has resigned from Red Wing Shoe Co. in the wake of the winnings, Cody said he isn't sure if he's going to leave his job. He said he is rather fond of working at Smead Manufacturing in Hastings.

He is currently on vacation.

The one thing the couple said they plan to do is spend more time with their grandchildren.

"We're a pretty tight-knit family," Cody said.

It was Thanksgiving morning when Cody found out he was a millionaire and it was after turkey dinner that evening the couple told their family the news.

"It was kind of funny to see," Cody said. "They thought we were kidding."

Cody said even he had trouble believing it that morning.

"I was pretty shook up," he said.

Clint Harris, Minnesota lottery executive director, presented Cody with his check for $4.466 million. Harris said Cody is Minnesota's sixth Hot Lotto jackpot winner.

"He's one of the rare lucky ones," Harris said.

Cody's ticket won $7.19 million. He selected a cash payout option for $4.46 million up front.

Cody bought his lucky ticket at Red Wing's Main Street Freedom Valu Center.

In addition to holding a news conference to present Cody with his check, Harris also stopped by the Freedom store. There he presented the store with a bonus check of $10,000.