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Woman injured after apparent fall through window

An 18-year-old Oak Park Heights woman was treated at Lakeview Hospital Sunday afternoon after she apparently pushed through window at her apartment on the 14800 block of North 60th Street.

According to Oak Park Heights Police, the woman had been involved in an altercation with a 20-year-old St. Paul man, at the time of her injuries, which consisted of large, bleeding cuts to her left arm and right shoulder. Inside the apartment, police found a broken kitchen window, scattered silverware, blood-soaked cloth and a wooden bedroom door that had been unscrewed from its hinges but appeared to have been punched by a hand.

Both parties said they had been drinking and watching a football game on television, and that they began arguing. The man identified himself to police as the woman's ex-boyfriend.

The woman told police that she "throws things around" when is upset, and that she went to hit the window and unexpectedly fell forward though it.

"She said she was mad and throwing things around and went to hit the window with her hands in an overhead motion," Investigator Brian DeRosier noted in the police report. "She said that when she did this it gave way more than she expected and she fell forward into the window and received the cuts."

When questioned, the man offered a similar explanation. Police observed what they considered fresh wounds to the man's knuckles, which he claimed happened when he punched a door three weeks earlier.

Neighbors reported hearing arguing for several hours inside the apartment and said that the man, who they identified as the woman's boyfriend, had carried her to a car, leaving a bloody trail from her apartment to the vehicle, which was used to take her to Lakeview.

Police later cited both parties with charges of underage consumption of alcohol.