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Runestone featured Sunday on History Channel

A new angle on the Runestone hits national airwaves this weekend, putting Kensington on the map for history buffs.

"The Holy Grail in America" is scheduled to air on The History Channel this Sunday, September 20 at 7 p.m. and again at 11 p.m.

The two-hour documentary, produced by Maria Awes, a former WCCO producer, and her husband, Andy Awes, investigates a story that begins in medieval Europe and culminates in a present day search for answers.

Local footage includes a reenactment of the discovery of the stone at the Kensington Runestone Park with Corey Okonek playing the role of Olaf Ohman and Michael O'Loughlin playing the role of Ohman's neighbor.

In addition, footage was shot in the Olaf Ohman home located at the park. Filming also took place at the Runestone Museum in Alexandria and of the actual Kensington Runestone.

The story, according to The History Channel, begs the question: "Is it possible the Templars were leaving clues to an incredible journey to the New World?"

History indicates that the Templars were massacred after King Philip IV of France ordered their arrests on Friday the 13th, 1307, but that a Templar fleet allegedly containing treasure was last seen off Scotland in the late 1300s. Stones with similar markings as the Kensington Runestone have been found on islands across the Atlantic Ocean - and in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

According to Maria Awes, the Templar angle of the story is new and that it stems from erosion studies conducted on the Runestone. The symbols on the Runestone reportedly match Templar runes all over Europe.

The Kensington Runestone has been a subject of controversy since Ohman found the stone in 1898. This documentary shares the new evidence, one more clue to the truth behind this local treasure.