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Red Wing High School student accused of attempted murder

Carissa Bordthauser had her sights set on murder at Red Wing High School, Goodhue County prosecutors allege.

The 16-year-old is charged with first-degree attempted murder following a Nov. 18 attack at Red Wing High School. She allegedly stabbed a male student in the neck with a knife, but was pulled away without inflicting serious injury.

But a juvenile petition filed Nov. 19 in Goodhue County juvenile court states that after the incident, she told an investigator that if given the chance, she would go find a bigger, sharper knife and finish what she started.

"I suppose I should feel quite ashamed that I did not fulfill the task," she allegedly told school liaison and Red Wing police investigator Tom Rikli.

Bordthauser was also charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of dangerous weapons on school property. The Red Wing School Board expelled her at its Dec. 1 meeting.

Supt. Stan Slessor, one of several school officials who helped restrain Bordthauser immediately after the incident, declined to comment on the case, but called the event "very regrettable."

"Certainly it was a very potentially dangerous situation," Slessor said.

Bordthauser is being held at a detention facility in Dakota County for juvenile females awaiting a Dec. 17 court hearing. Attorneys are expected to argue whether Bordthauser would be mentally competent to stand trial on the charges.

Names of felony suspects who are at least 16 years old are public.

According to the petition, the attack stemmed from worries Bordthauser had about an e-mail containing personal information she sent over the summer to another female student. The female indicated she was about to turn the e-mail over to the victim, a male, who intended to share it with school staff, the petition states.

"I felt I should end his life because it is not his concern," she told Rikli, the petition states.

Bordthauser told investigators she set out to kill the boy the morning of Nov. 18. She took a kitchen knife from home and concealed it in the sleeve of her sweatshirt, according to the allegations. She also had a second knife on her person, which she said she carried to school each day.

Around 7:20 a.m. Nov. 18, she came up behind the victim inside an art classroom. Bordthauser said she made about three tries at stabbing the boy in the neck with the kitchen knife while he grabbed at it, attempting to fend her off.

"I was trying to stab him through the throat, but unfortunately the damn knife was too dull," Bordthauser allegedly told police.

Art teacher Peg Hansen first came to the boy's aid, then other staff members entered the room and disarmed Bordthauser.

Rikli reported the boy received a 1-inch cut on his hand, four smaller cuts on his neck, and an apparent bite mark in the attack; the boy was immediately examined by the school nurse.