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Party time at The Cakery

Serena Phinney’s chocolate cupcake with white frosting needed something more.

Being a clarinet player in her school band, she was drawn to the musical note cookie cutters and blue fondant set out by Gina King, owner of The Cakery by Farmington Bakery.

Phinney,12, and her four gal pals were the inaugural group for the cakery’s newest offering, the Cupcake Party.

“We learned how to do frosting roses. We learned about the tips and what they do. We learned about how to roll out fondant,” Phinney said of her birthday party.

Her mother Marna Phinney, of Farmington, had heard King musing about using a newly constructed room at the bakery for birthday parties and asked to have Serena’s party there.

King, anxious to try out her idea, agreed.

“It went extremely well,” she said. King has owned the bakery since 2004 and last year updated her sign and added a small room with a table that seats eight, originally just to have a quiet place to sit down with brides who wanted to sample wedding cakes.

King does an average of two to 18 wedding cakes a week, depending on the season. Some weeks, the room sits unused, so King came up with three birthday party ideas to keep it occupied.

So far, response has been huge.

“I just posted it on Facebook yesterday and already it had 2,500 views,” she said. “That’s a lot!” She’s had two calls for potential parties.

“It gives people a whole new birthday option out there,” she said. “It gives them a destination.”

Locally, cake decorating classes are held in classrooms or arts and crafts businesses. To have the party inside an actual bakery, she thinks, makes it unique.

“This is the real deal,” she said. “You’re going to walk in and when those bakery smells hit your nose, you’re going to be taken into the whole scenario.”

Packages include the Cake Party for $175, which includes an 8-inch single layer white cake for each guest to decorate, a one-fourth size sheet birthday cake decorated for the child during the demonstration, an apron to wear and take home and a small signature tote bag.

The Cupcake Party for $150, which Phinney chose, includes five cupcakes per guest, a jumbo cupcake for the birthday child, an apron and a tote. The Sugar Cookie Party for $150, includes four themed sugar cookies per guest, a six-inch round sugar cookie for the birthday child to decorate, an apron and a tote.

The Cakery has a six guest maximum due to the size of the room. All parties are 90 minutes and can be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday.

Marna Phinney said her favorite part of Serena’s party was at the end when King told the girls they could eat a cupcake, but with one exception.

“She said since their hands were so tired from decorating, they would have to eat their cupcakes no-handed.”

The girls put their hands behind their backs and dove face down into the sugary goodness.

King said this initial positive response has gotten her thinking about other types of parties, like a ladies’ night out or one for holiday cookie exchanges, or one geared for boys.

“There are so many possibilities,” she said.

The party options are posted on The Cakery’s website: