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Number 1 Network offers a fix for your broken phones

Peter Benton will celebrate the grand opening of Number 1 Networks with a ribbon cutting Nov. 14. The business is located at 100 Eighth St.

Number 1 Networks offers repairs of cell phones, laptops and other electronics

Nathan Hansen


Peter Benton’s office is full of electronic equipment in various states of disrepair. On his desk there is in iPhone with cracks spiderwebbed across its screen, and another missing its back panel. Against a wall, there is a flat-screen television with its case removed and its electronic insides exposed.

“Various states of smashed,” is how Benton describes the collection.

It’s his job to get it all working again.

Since October, Benton has run Number 1 Networks, a shop that offers repairs of cell phones, laptop computers and other electronics.

The business is a partnership among Benton, Farmington contractor Mike Bischel, who owns the building where the shop is located and another individual who provides much of the phone-repair expertise while Benton provides the laptop know-how. All three men also work together in ACN, a direct seller of telecommunications, energy and other services.

In other words, Benton could fix your iPhone, then set you up with a discounted service plan.

Benton, a Farmington resident, is a Microsoft-certified engineer and spent more than 20 years supporting computer networks and technologies for small businesses. But as more and more of those services started moving online, he found work harder to come by. He started looking for another option. It was a conversation with Bischel that started things moving toward Number 1 Networks.

As iPhones and other smartphones become more and more important in peoples’ lives, and as carriers move away from two-year contracts, Benton believes it will be increasingly important to be able to repair phones rather than simply replacing them when something breaks. Nothing he is likely to repair on an iPhone, he says, is likely to cost more than $90, and the cost of replacing the screen on Samsung’s popular Galaxy S4 is $170 to $190.

Benton said fixing phones isn’t that different than repairing a computer.

“They run exactly like a motherboard,” he said. “It has all the components a laptop has. All I have to know is what parts go where.”

So far most of Benton’s advertising has been low key. He’s put some ads on Craigslist and gotten some business. He’s hoping to market his services to the college crowd in Northfield. He believes his business is the only one south of the river that replaces cell phone screens.

Once the word gets out, he expects business to boom.

“We’ll be here for quite some time,” he said.

Number 1 Networks is located at 100 Eighth St. For more information email

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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