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Farmington police report: June 14-20

June 14

Disorderly conduct, offensive/abusive/noisy/obscene, 20 block of Elm St.

Medical crisis, 5000 block of 184 St. W.

Fraud, other, 200 block of Hickory St.

Property damage, accident, 212 Street West and Flagstaff Avenue

Property damage, private, 900 block of 11 St.

June 15

Property damage, private, 19000 block of Enchanted Way

June 16

Disorderly conduct, 400 block of 3 St.

Larceny, shoplifting, 18000 block of Pilot Knob Rd.

Medical crisis, 19000 block of Municipal Dr.

Medical crisis, 300 block of Pine St.

Theft from yards, 20500 block of Dublin Dr.

June 17

Traffic regulation, uninsured vehicle/driver violation, 400 block of Walnut St.

Personal injury, motor vehicle/bicycle, 3 Street and Elm Street

Terroristic threats, 3000 block of 220 St. W.

Terroristic threats, 200 block of Elm St.

Theft, other, 600 block of Heritage Way

Vehicle theft, auto, 700 block of Heritage Way

June 18

Juvenile, child protection

Larceny, other, 20600 block of Flagstaff Ave.

Property damage, private, 300 block of Spruce St.

Domestic assault, misdemeanor, commits act to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death, 5000 block of 183 St. W.

June 19

Liquor consumption by persons under 21, 900 block of 8 St.

Suspicious person, 19500 block of Municipal Dr.

Theft, bicycle, 20600 block of Flagstaff Ave.

Juvenile, problem, 5000 block of Robin Ln.

Theft from auto, 600 block of Main St.

Animal bite, dog, Pilot Knob Road and Upper 182 Street West

Personal injury, motor vehicle/motorcycle accident, 187 Street West and Dylan Drive

Warrant service/arrest. 900 block of 9 St.

Domestic, 18000 block of Embers Ave.

June 20

Juvenile, child protection, 19000 block of Municipal Dr.

Animal bite, dog, 600 block of 9 St.

June 21

Medical crisis, 5000 block of Lower 182 St. W.


June 14

Jacob Thelemann, 22, of Farmington, has been cited for disorderly conduct, as well as fleeing a police officer.

June 16

Michael Thompson, 53, of Burnsville, has been cited for disorderly conduct.

June 19

Karlie Zeimet, 20, of Farmington, has been cited for liquor consumption of a person under 21.