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Farmington man charged after allegedly throwing wife down stairs

Darren Malz, 42, of Farmington, has been charged with domestic assault after allegedly hitting and throwing his wife down the stairs of their home and attacking his son.

According to a criminal complaint, on July 14 at about 8:26 p.m., Lakeville Police officers were called to a home in Farmington on a report of domestic violence. Police arrived to find Malz's son at the door, with cuts and scratches on his body. Malz came inside from the garage as police arrived. He appeared to be intoxicated. He was taken into custody.

The officers found Malz's juvenile daughter hiding under a car in the garage. She said she was upset and scared of her father, and that this kind of incident had happened before.

After speaking with Malz's son, officers learned his son had moved his gaming system upstairs to play it, and this made Malz angry, which made him break the gaming system. Malz's wife tried to intervene, and Malz threw a television at her, which hit her shoulder and head. According to the complaint, Malz's wife went to walk down the stairs, but Malz pushed her and followed her down. He began punching her at the bottom of the stairs. Allegedly, Malz's son tried to intervene, but Malz had obtained a hammer and utility knife. Malz tried to hit his son with the hammer but his son was able to get it away from his father. His wife tried to call the police, but Malz took the phone away, disconnecting the call. Malz's son then called the police from his phone. Malz tried and failed to get the phone away from his son.

Both Malz's wife and son obtained significant injuries from the incident. If convicted, Malz could face up to seven years in prison or up to $14,000 in fines for assault in the second degree. In addition, he could receive up to a year in prison or up to $3,000 in fines for interfering with an emergency call.