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2012 felonies steady in Farmington, down in Rosemount

The number of adults charged with a felony stayed steady last year in Farmington and dropped by more than a dozen individuals in Rosemount.

The Dakota County Attorney’s office typically releases information on adult felony charges early in the year, but a change to a new case management system delayed the report this year.

The numbers in Farmington last year were nearly identical to what the city saw in 2011. There were 38 adults charged with felony-level offenses last year in the city compared to 39 in 2011.

Those 38 individuals were charged with 62 individual offenses, with drug-related charges most common. There were 14 drug-related charges filed against 10 individuals last year. Theft-related offenses were the next most common with 12 charges, followed by sex-related offenses with 10 charges.

In Rosemount, there were 52 adults charged with felony-level offenses last year, down from 69 in 2011. Drug-related charges were again most common, with 13 filed in 2012. There were nine assault-related charges field, eight theft-related charges, eight forgery-related charges and six terroristic threat charges.

Farmington’s 38 total defendants was second fewest in the county. Only Mendota Heights had fewer with 29 individuals charged. There were 280 individuals charged with 413 offenses last year in Burnsville, the most for any city in the county. There were 195 individuals charged in Eagan and 149 in Apple Valley.

Countywide, drug-related offenses made up approximately 24 percent of the total caseload at the Dakota County Attorney’s office last year, making them the most commonly-charged offense in the county. The number of individuals charged was down slightly from 2011, though — from 403 to 389.

There were 172 individuals charged with methamphetamine-related offenses, up from 156 in 2011, and 72 individuals charged with marijuana-related felonies, down from 102 in 2011.

The number of people charged with felony-level DWI offenses declined last year. There were 35 individuals countywide charged with DWI-related felonies, which are charged if an offender has been convicted of three DWIs in the past 10 years and is charged with a fourth.

There were two individuals charged with alcohol-related DWIs last year in Farmington and three in Rosemount.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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