Man charged with stealing pickup truck


A Minneapolis man has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle after police found the pickup truck he was driving parked in a Farmington gas station around 1 a.m. June 12.
According to a complaint filed this week in the Dakota County Attorney’s Office, police ran the license plate while Yassin Mohamed Abdirahman, 19, was in the driver’s seat of the parked vehicle and another person was in the passenger’s seat.
The officer learned the truck had been reported stolen from Minneapolis on the evening of June 11.
After Abdirahman was placed in the squad car, the passenger told police she didn’t know whose truck they were driving.
She then told police there was a third person with them who was driving when they arrived at the gas station, adding that the driver had gone into the gas station. Police were unable to locate the person inside the gas station.
Police later reviewed surveillance video and found that Abdirahman and the passenger were the only two people in the truck when it arrived at the gas station.