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Instagram post from "friendly clown" prompts response from Farmington police chief

The Farmington Police Department found nothing humorous about a creepy clown threatening to visit Farmington area middle schools this week.

An Instagram post by "Bobo the Friendly Clown" concerned parents who began calling the police around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 3 to let them know the clown said he had been spotted in Rambling River Park and was planning to have lunch with students at Dodge and Boeckman middle schools.

Police Chief Brian Lindquist hoped to cut the prank short by posting an open letter to Bobo on Facebook.

"Bobo, if you get this message, I offer the following. I'm sorry, but you are not welcome at any of the schools for a delicious nutritious lunch. You are however, more than welcome to have lunch with me and my officers. It won't be as tasty, and the conversation probably a little too mature for you; but I have a very scary jail cell I think you would appreciate seeing. Looking forward to making your acquaintance," Lindquist wrote.

Since the first reports of strange clown sightings surfaced in South Carolina two months ago, creepy clowns have been spotted lurking in several states.

Dressing in a clown costume and walking around town is not illegal, even if it does alarm citizens. Some, however, have taken the scary part too far, making threats and approaching children. At that point, police can make an arrest.

Lindquist said no clowns have been spotted in Farmington.

"This was a real bad attempt at humor," he said. "It is not appreciated."

To calm fears, officers ate lunch with students at both schools on Tuesday. "We had a taco bar," he said. "Everything was fine."

By 3 p.m. Tuesday, Lindquist's post had been shared 748 times with plenty of residents adding their own threats to the thread.

Anyone hoping to go as a clown for Halloween may want to rethink the costume.