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District will seek community input on names of new schools

Farmington Middle School South?

Overflow Elementary School?

The Farmington School District is going to need a lot of new school names a little more than a year from now and the district is turning to residents to help give their new and converted buildings some new identities.

On Monday the District 192 School Board gave superintendent Brad Meeks approval to form one or more naming committees to come up with monikers for as many as three schools.

When the new Farmington High School building opens in September of 2009 the current high school will become a middle school for sixth- to eighth-grade students. So will the current Farmington Middle School West, which currently serves eighth and ninth grade students. Farmington Middle School East will become the district's fifth elementary school.

FMS West could conceivably hold onto its current name, but the other two clearly won't do.

It's still far from clear exactly what process the district will follow to name the buildings. District communication specialist Aaron Tinklenberg said naming committees typically consist of the superintendent, building principals and teachers, parents, community members and possibly students. There will likely be opportunity along the way for additional public input.

When the district opened North Trail Elementary School in 1997 it held a contest in which students could submit suggestions.

Board member Tim Weyandt said he liked the idea of soliciting names from the public.

"I like the idea of getting the community involve, whether it's a contest or whatever," Weyandt said.