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City, district will cooperate on fiber optic project

A partnership between the city of Farmington and the Farmington School District should make communications at public buildings more reliable.

The Farmington School Board approved an agreement Monday in which the two government entities will essentially swap fiber optic lines. The deal will give both the city and school districts multiple connections to all or most of their buildings. That should allow telephone and Internet service to continue even if one line is cut.

"If we don't have the fiber we don't have the phones. We don't have 911," said Rosalyn Pautzke, the district's administrative services director.

The city approached the district about a year ago with a proposal for the swap. Under the agreement the city will get two lines running from the police station through Akin Road Elementary School to Farmington Senior Center. The school district will get six shorter lines connecting Farmington High School and the district office.

There won't be any new fiber optic lines installed, beyond connections from existing lines to the buildings they'll serve.

The Farmington City Council approved the deal last month.