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Enrollment growth is slowing in District 192

Enrollment in Indepen-dent School District 192 will continue to grow, but not by as much as it once did and not forever, according to a demographic report presented Monday.

Consultants from told board members they expect enrollment to grow from 6,433 in the current school year to a peak of 6,957 in the 2018-19 school year before beginning to decline.

Other school districts around Farmington have already started to see enrollment declines. That can create challenges when it comes to school funding, which is based on enrollment.

Enrollment projections are based on factors including housing construction, births and home sales. They are useful as the district attempts to make long-range plans, but they are not always reliable. The last enrollment projections in the district suggested a sixth elementary school would be needed in the near future, but anticipated growth did not take place.

"I wouldn't bank on anything 10 or 15 years out," said Dr. James Sheehan, the founder of

Nathan Hansen

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