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Farmington students mostly above state averages on MCA

Farmington students scored better than their peers statewide at most grade levels on this year's Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment test, but fell short of state averages at three grade levels.

Farmington scores fell short of statewide averages among eighth graders and high school juniors taking the MCA math test and among sophomores taking the MCA reading test.

Farmington eighth graders and juniors also fell short of state averages on last year's math test.

Results for the state-mandated test were released late last week. Students in third- through eighth grades take both math and reading tests. High school sophomores take a reading test and juniors take a math test. Students are placed into one of four categories based on their scores -- either does not meet standards, partially meets standards, meets standards or exceeds standards.

Areas were Farmington students struggled tended to match areas where students struggled statewide.

Only 32 percent of Farmington High School juniors either met or exceeded state standards on the MCA math test. Statewide, 43.3 percent of juniors did as well. In eighth grade, 56.3 percent of Farmington students met or exceeded expectations, compared to 58.6 percent statewide.

74.9 percent of FHS sophomores passed the MCA reading test, compared to 75.3 percent statewide.

Farmington students performed better than their peers at other grades. In third grade, 88.3 percent of students met or exceeded expectations on the math test and 80.8 percent passed the reading test. 85.5 percent of fourth graders passed the MCA math test and 82.2 percent of sixth graders passed the MCA reading test.

The MCA test is one part of a formula used to determine whether Minnesota schools are making adequate progress toward national No Child Left Behind goals. All Minnesota students will have to meet those standards by 2014.

School districts will not know until later this year whether they have been singled out for failing to make adequate progress.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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