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ISD 192 boundary change options remain the same

The Farmington School District’s three options for attendance boundary changes remain the only options on the table.

The district’s attendance boundary committee had scheduled a Dec. 3 meeting in case they wanted to make any adjustment to their options following three public meetings in late November, but Jane Houska, who led the process for the district, said there was nothing that came up in those meetings that suggested changes were necessary.

The attendance boundary committee met Nov. 25 and settled on a recommendation to the Farmington School Board. They will make that recommendation at the board’s regular meeting Dec. 9.

Though Houska would not identify the recommended option before board members get their meeting packets later this week she said she is happy with the recommendation.

“Taking everything into consideration, it’s a good option,” she said. “All three of the options were good options.”

Through three public meetings, the members of Farmington’s attendance boundary committee heard concerns about divided neighborhoods, about open enrollment and about what proposed changes would mean for daycare providers.

It was pretty much what they expected.

“There was nothing out of the normal,” Houska said. “It was basically the same sort of questions that came up the last time we did boundary changes back in 2008, anything from why us, why not somebody else compared to keeping neighborhoods together.”

The school board will have three options to choose from:


Affects the smallest number of students at 216 and creates the most balanced free- and reduced-price lunch enrollments at the middle level, but most unbalanced at the elementary level. Moves the Countryview neighborhood from Akin Road to Meadowview; Camden Path, Camden Court and Camden Circle from FES to Riverview; and the area west of the railroad tracks and north of Maple from FES to Riverview. At the middle school level, it would shift the Countryview, Parkview Ponds and Mystic Meadows neighborhoods from Dodge to Boeckman.


Affects 225 students. It moves the Autumn Meadows neighborhood from North Trail to Meadowview, Dakota Estates from Akin Road to Meadowview, the three Camden streets from FES to Riverview and the area west of the railroad tracks and north of Maple from FES to Riverview. It moves Autum Meadows, Dakota Estates, Parkview Ponds and Mystic Meadows from Dodge to Boeckman.


Affects 269 students. Creates the most balanced free-and-reduced population at the middle level but will likely require extra transportation spending and could affect timing of the school day. It would move the Crossroads and Autumn Meadows neighborhoods from North Trail to Meadowview, Countryview from Akin Road to North Trail and the Camden streets and the area west of the railroad and north of Maple from FES to Riverview. At the middle level, it would move Crossroads, Autumn Meadows, Mystic Meadows and several parts of the Middle Creek development from Dodge to Boeckman.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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