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Lund is Farmington's Teacher of the Year

Brenda Lund has spent all but one year of her teaching career at Farmington High School. She was recognized this week as the district’s Teacher of the Year.

Farmington High School teacher Brenda Lund knows she’s got it pretty good, since she teaches advanced placement psychology classes. But this week, it got even better.

This week, there was a party in her honor to celebrate her designation as the Farmington School District’s Teacher of the Year.

With the exception of one year teaching in Medford, Lund has spent her career as a teacher in Farmington.

She came to the school district as a college student on her student teaching assignment. Lund attended St. Olaf College, where she earned her teaching degree with a focus on psychology and American history. She was paired up with mentors Terry Holmes and Roger Stoven.

Lund started her teaching career in Medford, but after one year a position opened on the social studies staff at FHS. She’d enjoyed her time in Farmington, so she applied. That was 1998. She taught social studies and psychology for a number of years.

When Holmes retired a few years back, Lund became the AP psychology teacher. Now, she knows, she’s working with students who are serious about education and their futures. Psychology has been a great fit for her as a teacher.

“The nature of the course is a topic they can identify with and can apply to their own lives,” she said. “And I can apply it to my life, too. I have the opportunity to tell stories about my family and my friends, and the kids can relate.”

Lund also likes the knowledge that she’s having an impact on their futures, as well.

“I love teaching seniors. I love it. They’re at such a turning point in their lives, making big decisions on their futures, and I can help them with some of those decisions,” she said. “I feel like I am making a difference in their lives.”

Naturally, the way she teaches the AP psychology class has changed over the years. These days, students do much of their research and work on iPads, but Lund still has textbooks and reference materials all over her classroom.

Lund recognizes that her students all have their own ways of learning, as well. Some type their lecture notes on their iPads. Others write the notes out in notebooks, and still others just sit back and listen.

For as much as teaching at Farmington High School has changed — even the building where she teaches has changed in her tenure — Lund knows it would not have been as easy if she did not have the support and friendship of her colleagues.

“I feel like that has been the biggest part of my success here — my colleagues. They are very inspirational to me and I feel very fortunate to work with them. My success is really, in large part, due to my coworkers,” she said.

A reception for Lund was held Monday after school. And while it’s a big honor to be Teacher of the Year, Lund is just happy to be a teacher in Farmington schools.

“I’ve got a pretty good gig here,” she said. “I do see myself in a classroom until retirement. I really feel like this is where I belong.”

Michelle Leonard

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