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Locker replacement project planned for Akin Road Elementary School

The entryway at Akin Road Elementary School will be more open when students return next fall, and the hallways will be at least a little quieter.

The Farmington School Board voted Monday to remove banks of lockers inside the school’s front doors and replace them with laminated wood cubbies in the hallways.

The change has been on the district’s to-do list for more than a year, in large part as a safety measure. There was concern someone could use the lockers, which are between the front doors and the main office, as cover to get into the school unseen.

The district talked last year about replacing the banks of entryway lockers with steel lockers in the hallways, but there was concern the metal lockers would be too noisy, and that they would rust when students put dripping winter boots in them. There was also concern slamming locker doors would cause vibrations that would disturb technology in the classroom.

The new cubbies are wood with a plastic base, and they don’t have doors to slam.

They’re also cheaper than the option the district considered last year. The total project, which includes new flooring in the part of the entryway where the lockers will be removed, will cost $127,000. Last year’s project would have cost an estimated $135,000 just for the lockers.

Finance director Carl Colmark told board members Monday the old lockers will be removed in July and the new cubbies will be installed in August.

Money from the project will come from a bond approved several years ago to pay for a new elementary school that was never built.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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