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School Board OK’s community survey plan

The Farmington School Board voted unanimously to move forward with a community survey.

Barb Duffrin, executive director of educational services for Farmington Public Schools, shared a brief summary report about the community survey during the regular meeting Monday, April 24.

The estimated survey cost conducted by Morris Leatherman Company comes in around $13,000 to query 400 random District 192 households with 50 questions.

Community survey results act as a scorecard to give the administrative team and school board information about the quality of education and quality of Farmington Public Schools, Duffrin said.

The community survey timeline will run at least nine weeks. The survey team will be led by district administrators and school board representatives, Melissa Sauser, Julie Singewald and Jacilyn Doyle, who will work in collaboration with the survey company to develop questions.

Fieldwork to conduct the community survey will take around three weeks. An analysis will follow.

The last district community survey conducted in spring 2015 showed 81 percent of those polled reported they either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement: "I trust the Farmington School Board and the administration to do what is right for children in this district."

Some comparison bar graph survey results were shown from community surveys conducted in Farmington in 2007 and 2012. Overall, when comparing the community survey study results in 2012 to 2007 results, District 192 residents said they held a higher satisfaction with the quality of education in Farmington School District in 2012.

The 2017 Farmington District Community Survey results are expected to be completed this summer around June 26.