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Boeckman principal to be operations director

Boeckman Middle School Principal Dan Miller will transition into a new position to become the director of operations on July 1.

The Farmington School Board discussed in great detail the director position, job duties, salary and benefits, along with a proposed a job title change for an hour during a somewhat heated work session before the regular board meeting.

The board ultimately approved hiring Miller during the regular board meeting after one dissenting vote from board member Melissa Sauser.

Superintendent Jay Haugen said initial board discussion regarding the position began in January and February and then discussion was tabled. The hiring and interview process moved forward to best identify a candidate qualified for the new district position, formerly entitled director of building and grounds.

At the April 10 Farmington School Board meeting, a motion failed after a few board members said they did not completely understand and there was some board miscommunication around the salary and job duties.

"First of all, I would like to say I had some great conversations with the community, and I wanted to clarify that we all wanted the position," said Steve Corraro, board member. "The questions I have are more around the salary and benefits package."

The new will be paid a salary of $134,000, plus benefits.

"I also want to note that there are not sides being taken here — I heard that a lot," said Corraro. "I do want to say that Dan Miller is an excellent leader in this community and district, and it was never about the person."

"People are getting very confused — it was always about the position and never about Mr. Miller because he is a great leader and he will do a great job in this position, in my opinion," Corraro added.

The school board also voted to change the director job title from director of building and grounds to director of operations. In the past, the Farmington School Board employed a director of building and grounds.

The director of operations will carry professional oversight over all district facilities and grounds, custodial staff, maintenance and improvements, oversee construction companies working in the district, along with supervising district plans and projects that fall under health and safety.

Miller has been the Boeckman Middle School principal for five years.

Haugen plans to sit down with Boeckman Middle School staff and district principals to discuss how best to proceed in replacing the school principal position.