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School board: Brian Treakle

Why are you most qualified person for this position?

I am a parent and a citizen concerned with the district test scores and the decisions being made regarding spending. My business experience is in accounting, purchasing, creative problem solving, management and negotiations. These skills will be very helpful in working to improve the financial performance of the school district.

If you could address just one issue, what would it be and how would you address it?

Finances. We are carrying a lot of debt right now and that is eating into our ability to purchase resources needed to improve student performance. We need to work down the debt so that we can concentrate more resources to the classroom.

What criteria would you use to determine whether the district is succeeding?

There are a few things that I believe would indicate that we are succeeding. 1) MCA test scoring is well above state averages at all grade levels; 2) NWEA testing is showing a high level of progress; 3) Student ACT scores are exceeding state and national averages; 4) Students leave Farmington schools prepared not just for college, but to succeed in life.

As the district attempts to balance quality education and low taxes, what are your priorities?

Quality education is the number one priority. We need to be creative in finding ways to deliver that education with the limited financial resources we have.

What does the district do well? Where can it improve?

We are doing well at the elementary school level and doing well improving student growth and performance. We now need to turn more attention on the middle schools and the high school. We need to find ways to improve performance at these schools so that our children are prepared for college and for life. We also need to reduce drug use which is a major concern.