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City council: Lenny Hall

Why do you feel you're the most qualified candidate?

I am from an income level that is not represented on our current council. This council seems to be out of touch with the residents of Farmington. People are out of work, and foreclosures are running high. The council needs to make better decisions on spending and on revenue losing properties. I feel I am more in touch with these hurting people and I want to stop this insanity.

What do you like about Farmington? What would you change?

I have seen many changes in Farmington. From it's population of 1,600 to current. From one or two legal notices in the local paper to six to eight pages. From a community of local shoppers to people going to surrounding communities to shop. Though the past seems small and peaceful we need to get business into the Vermillion River Crossing Project and get people to shop local again.

What is the role of the city council in attracting development?

The council needs to look at other communities to see how they are successful at attaining and keeping businesses. I don't believe our city council has made any effort to reduce taxes for businesses or residents. They just continue to spend on beautification projects (trails and parks), which I consider wasteful at this time in our economy.

What are the essential services the city of Farmington offers, and would you be willing to make cuts to those services if necessary?

I believe at this time the city has very good emergency services (fire, police and ambulance services), though now is not a good time for pay increases. No one else seems to be getting them. Waste collection should always be monitored. If costs get to high, it's time to look around.

If you could address just one issue, what would it be, and why?

The wasteful spending of this current council. I stated as an example in the candidate forum the $60,000 spent on a new playground set at Rambling River Park. This was countered with a statement that it was not wasteful as we are looking out for the safety of our children. When I say wasteful, I am concerned what the other bids were for this purchase, whether the bids were for a comparable item, different item or refurbishing of existing. I heard of no other bids at the time this was proposed. If elected to city council the area of wasteful spending would be of a great concern.