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City will repair roof, remove asbestos from former senior center

The city of Farmington will put nearly $55,000 into repairs at the old Rambling River Center, with the hope that one day, those repairs will help sell the building.

On Monday, the Farmington City Council approved a plan to replace the building's roof and do necessary asbestos abatement. Though currently there is no funding for the project in the city's budget, council members hope to recoup the cost in the building's selling price.

Shingles on the south side of the building are curled and damaged, and those on the north side are old. The cost for repairing the roof is $10,000, Farmington parks and recreation director Randy Distad said. That amount will cover the cost for the materials, but parks staff will do the repair work on the roof. Distad built an additional 20 percent contingency into the estimate for any unforeseen issues like rotting plywood underneath the shingles.

"That could be another $10,000," Distad said.

The city received two quotes for the asbestos abatement, both from companies the city has used in the past. The low bid was submitted by the abatement company Marvo at an estimate of $42,998.

The cost for the two projects is estimated at $54,998, which includes the abatement, the roof materials and the 20 percent contingency.

Distad tried to find to grants to help defray the cost, but he was unsuccessful.

Once the work is done, the building will be put up for sale "as is." The asking price will be increased to reflect the cost to the city.

"Either way the work has to be done," council member Julie May said. "I'm not typically one to say spend money, but I wish we would have done this the first month I was on council."

Council member Terry Donnelly agreed with May.

"We talked about this for almost four years. I think it's just time to do something," he said.

Nathan Hansen

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