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Governor unveils new state website to let citizens track government spending

ST. PAUL - Gov. Tim Pawlenty has unveiled a new state website that provides a new way for citizens to examine and follow money spent by state government. 

"On-line, all-the-time access to information is a powerful tool that will empower citizens to help hold government accountable," Pawlenty said. "Taxpayers are paying the bills and they should have the ability to easily look at the state's checkbook. I encourage citizens to use this website to become watchdogs and help us make government more efficient and effective."

The Transparency and Accountability Project for Minnesota (TAP Minnesota) is online at

The site was created by Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) and offers on-line, round-the-clock access to data on state payments for schools, local governments, contractors and other vendors.

With just a few clicks, citizens can access detailed information on most state spending. The data is supplied by the state's accounting system and updated nightly.

Major spending categories, like payments to school districts, health care providers, and local units of government, are included in this database. Multiple years of data allow users to view spending changes over time. The website was created using existing resources.

State spending information on the website can be sorted by state agency, funding source, category or vendor receiving payment.