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Rules may change for urban chickens in Farmington

Farmington’s Urban Chicken Ordinance has been on the books just over one year, and now one resident would like to see it tweaked, just a bit.

On Monday, Melissa Hall approached the Farmington City Council and asked if they would consider an amendment to the current ordinance, which was approved in March, 2013.

Commonly known as the chicken ordinance, the current ordinance allows residents on lots 10,000 square feet or larger to build a chicken coop and chicken run and house up to three chickens on their property.

The problem for Hall, though, is that her family’s home sits on a 9,876-square-foot acre lot, but they would still like to be able to raise chickens on their property.

That’s why she’s asking the city to consider an amendment to the ordinance. She’d like to see the city examine urban chicken permit requests on a case-by-case basis. She encouraged a process where the requesting property owner would have to obtain written consent from all neighbors in order to be considered for an urban chicken permit.

“I think it’s been a year. Maybe we could have a little wiggle room for some of use whose lots aren’t quite as big as everybody else’s. As a homeowner and someone who is interested in having this experience with their family, we’re willing to do a little bit of the leg work and give it a go,” Hall said.

Hall did a bit of research before coming to the city council with her plan. She made sure she had a copy of the city’s ordinance, and she took it with her when she went to visit all of her neighbors. She explained the size requirements to her neighbors and showed them a photo of the coop she hoped to build in her yard.

“I tested out my plan and it worked very well,” Hall said. “One hundred percent of my neighbors were on board.”

In the year since the ordinance was approved, two urban chicken permits have been issued by the city of Farmington. A third request was to go to the planning commission this week.

On Tuesday, Farmington planning manager Tony Wippler said he will talk with city staff and determine what the appropriate steps will be to handle Hall’s request.

Michelle Leonard

Michelle Leonard joined the Woodbury Bulletin staff in November, 2014, after 14 years covering news for the Bulletin's sister publication, the Farmington Rosemount Independent Town Pages.  Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications: News-Editorial from Mankato State University in 1991. She is an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary Clifford Larson Unit 189 of Farmington, and served as the 2014-15 Third District President to the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Minnesota. Michelle is also the volunteer coordinator for the Minnesota Newspaper Museum which is open annually during the Minnesota State Fair. She has earned Minnesota Newspaper Association awards in Investigative Reporting, Local News Coverage, Feature Photography and Column Writing. 

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