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Pitcher resigns from Farmington City Council

Farmington City Council member Tim Pitcher resigned Thursday, March 9.

City Council member Tim Pitcher submitted his resignation March 9, citing a new job opportunity that will move him out of Farmington.

“I’ve got an opportunity to save and improve lives with what I’m going to be doing in the private sector,” he said. “It’s compelling enough that I’m moving forward with that. I will not be living in Farmington anymore.”

Pitcher had retired from a career of engineering medical devices to pursue a political career. He said he will be returning to his former career, this time starting his own consulting business.

Pitcher’s former wife, Chheng, and several friends and council members said they were stunned by his decision. Court records show the couple filed for divorce Feb. 22.

“I was completely blindsided by it, just like everyone else,” said Jake Cordes, Pitcher’s campaign manager during an unsuccessful run for Minnesota Senate last year.

Mayor Todd Larson declined to give a statement on Pitcher’s resignation. He did say the council would be meeting at a future date to begin the process of finding a new council member.

Pitcher had planned to make a resignation announcement at the March 20 City Council meeting, but when word leaked out, Larson asked him not to wait.

When asked if he had already moved, Pitcher said he had not. He would not say if his consulting job would take him out of the state, just that he can consult from anywhere.

Pitcher has been a council member since 2015. His current term expires Dec. 31, 2018.

To fill the vacancy, the council may appoint any individual who is eligible for election to that office. The person must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of the city, a qualified city voter, and at least 21 years old. The council is not obligated to appoint any candidate previously defeated in an election for the office, according to state law.

Pitcher said he is looking forward, but will miss his Farmington constituency.

“I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be a Farmington City Council member,” Pitcher said. “I still love Farmington and I’m definitely going to miss public service in Farmington and all the residents.”