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Vermillion River trout migration set for Saturday afternoon

A group of Vermillion River trout will get a new home this weekend thanks to a group of volunteers.

The volunteer crew, led by the Friends of the Mississippi River, will spend time Saturday afternoon moving the fish from the current path of the river to a remeandered route designed to restore some of the natural curves of the river. Those curves were eliminated decades ago by farmers looking for better growing conditions.

The faster water flow created by the straight channel increases streambank erosion and makes the water less habitable for trout and other wildlife. The remeandering project also included planting new vegetation along the river's revised route.

Volunteers will run a mild electrical charge through the water to stun the fish. Then they'll collect them in buckets and move them to the new channel. Once that process is done the old channel will be closed off.

The stretch of river is along County Road 66 between Highway 3 and Highway 52.