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Little, Garofalo leading in Senate and House races

Democrat Matt Little and Republican Pat Garofalo will represent the Farmington area and southern Dakota County in the Minnesota Senate and House.

In unofficial results, Little had a narrow lead over Republican Tim Pitcher in the race for Senate District 58. Little earned 22,975 votes, 50.25 percent, compared to Pitcher’s 22,707, around 49.66 percent. The difference in vote totals was 268. 

Around 3:45 a.m., Little sent the following tweet: “Please join me in thanking Tim Pitcher and his supporters. I will do my best to work together with all people from all parties.”

Leading up to the election, Little said he plans on working to improve the local economy by focusing on four areas — jobs and infrastructure, education, seniors, and reducing the cost of health care.

Little highlighted the successes in Lakeville during his tenure, including job growth and business development while keeping taxes low compared to other cities in Dakota County.

“We’ve done this by focusing on less partisan, more practical politics which makes decisions based on what’s best for our community,” Little said.

District 58 includes Farmington and Lakeville, as well as cities and townships across southern Dakota County.

In House District 58B, incumbent Garofalo had a commanding lead over Democrat Marla Vagts with 65 percent of the vote. Garofaloearned 14,216 votes to Vagts’s 7654 votes.

Garofalo cited the growth of government spending as a top challenge in the district.

“In order to protect the integrity of those programs that help the elderly, it is important that we aggressively eliminate fraud and waste in our state welfare programs,” Garofalo said.

Garofalo said his track record of passing legislation and record on low taxes, less spending, and better accountability qualified him for another term.

You can see detailed election results on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website at