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Football: Farmington's Auge reigns at Ironman

Farmington senior Mason Auge flips a 185-pound tire during Monday's Ironman competition at Tiger Stadium. Auge flipped the tire 37 times for second place in the event, and won the competition with 5,072 points.

Senior linebacker Mason Auge emerged from a group of 94 athletes to win the 13th-annual Ironman competition on the first day of football practice Monday afternoon at Farmington High School.

The competition pits the Tigers against each other in seven events — the clean, back squat, bench press, 40-yard dash, pro agility drill, one-minute tire flip and vertical jump.

Auge bested the field with 5,072 points, nearly 800 points higher than last year when he placed fifth. He was the first athlete to break 5,000 since Isaiah Rockett earned 5,091 points in 2008.

Auge didn't finish first in any of the events, but placed near the top in several. He was second in the tire flip with 37 and second in the 40-yard dash in 4.74 seconds. Runner-up Jack Erickson won both of those events, flipping the tire a record 38 times and running a 4.68 40, en route to a score of 4,894 points.

Auge added a back squad of 341 pounds, a bench press of 288 pounds, a pro agility time of 4.29 seconds and a vertical jump of 30 ½ inches.

Third-place finisher Nick Ruark made his mark in the lifting events. He won the bench press with a max of 315 pounds, maxed out at 269 in the clean, back squatted 371 pounds and flipped the tire 35 times while scoring 4,754 points.

CJ Wynings (4,704), Mason Gaylord (4,573) and Kevin Clifton (4,554) rounded out the top six. Seventh-place finisher Elisha Rockett won the vertical jump with a leap of 34 inches, eighth-place overall finisher Johnny Dittman topped the field in the pro agility run with a record time of 4.13 seconds and ninth-place finisher Michael Husnik back squatted a team-best 405 pounds and cleaned a first-place 278 pounds.

Past champions

2012: Darren Beenken, 4,810 points

2011: Alex Chadwick, 4,288 points

2010: Tanner Grubb, 4,535 points

2009: Nick Albano, 4,953 points

2008: Isaiah Rockett, 5,091 points

2007: Derek Waldbillig, 5,076 points

2006: Jordan Hauschild, 5,329 points

2005: Carson Jones, 5,251 points

2004: Kevin Kratz, 5,008 points

2003: Matt Simon, 5,295 points

2002: Jeff Stulz, 5,274 points

2001: Jeff Stulz, 4,554 points