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Letter: School board has shown its true colors

To the editor,

The school board of District 192 has once again shown its true colors.

They are bleeding off funds set aside for future educational purposes and spending those dollars to provide for current sports oriented "necessities." A decision to install artificial turf apparently not only ignored questions of recent studies regarding environmental and certain usage (temperature) concerns. Artificial turf is documented to have caused skin burns and in some cases, torn ligaments, fractures or broken bones. Liability concerns are equally hazardous to the school district's financial health.

In addition, the board also has chosen to hire an assistant superintendent to take on oversight of the district's curriculum, special education department and the district's other school principals.

If hiring an assistant superintendent is going to do these things, then there is no point to keeping the present superintendent. Isn't he supposed to be doing just what they're hiring an assistant for? Save his $135,000 salary and perks and put them to good use where it counts -- in the classroom.

One must one wonder about SD 192 priorities, accountability and false statements made in order to pass bonding issues.

Arlo Finney,