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Letter: Sarvi is the right choice for environment

To the editor,

Our environment is suffering and we are clearly beginning to see the consequences. A collective healing process must begin in order for us and many future generations to continue to prosper.

Not only realizing the need for change but having a plan and environmentally friendly ideas for the future is of upmost importance. Steve Sarvi both recognizes this problem and has ideas for the future. He believes in renewable energy sources that would not only lessen our dependence on foreign oil and eventually end our obsession with oil, but would also lessen the carbon pollution that is extensively harming our environment. To encourage this kind of activity it means investing in alternative energy sources and putting an end to giving oil companies, who are making record profits, tax subsidies. Sarvi is extremely optimistic about the future of our environment and believes that together "we can bring about a 21st-century energy revolution, where we simultaneously prosper and protect our planet."

John Kline on the other hand has continually had anti-environment votes and is rated 0 percent by the CAF (Campaign for America's Future), their figure based solely on his votes. This 0 percent indicates an opposition to energy independence. Within the last year he has voted no on investing in homegrown biofuel that would have moved towards greater energy independence and security, developed innovative new technologies, reduced carbon emissions, created green jobs, protected consumers, increased clean renewable energy production, modernized our energy infrastructure, and provided tax incentives for the production of renewable energy and energy conservation.

I believe Steve Sarvi's optimism about the environment and energy is the kind of change we need in congress to alter the destructive course John Kline is taking us down.

Jessica Markuson