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Letter: Support for David Pritzlaff

To the editor,

For years I reached out to the Farmington City Council on a variety of issues and never received anything more than a sporadic response directing someone else to get back to me. That all changed in 2004 when David Pritzlaff was elected to the city council.

My experience has been mirrored by my friends and neighbors as well. For the first time the ordinary citizens of Farmington have had an advocate on the council. A council member who isn't afraid to tackle issues brought to him by residents, asking questions, getting to the bottom of things and finding resolutions.

Additionally, David Pritzlaff shows his commitment to the taxpayers of our community by his participation. Watching the regular city council meetings on television you've probably noticed that he has never missed a meeting. In fact, so far this year he's led five of those meetings as acting mayor. He also represents the city on a number of committees and is an active participant in our civic activities.

I urge everyone to join with me and reelect David Pritzlaff to the Farmington City Council.

Shannon Walsh