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Letter: Veronica Walter introduces herself

To the editor,

My name is Veronica Walter and I am one of the candidates running for Farmington School Board. I would like to take this opportunity to say a few things.

First, thanks to all the community members who came out and voted in the primary. Your votes make a difference and it is quite clear that you want change in our district's leadership.

Next, congratulations to the candidates who will move on to the general election. It is clear that all of us have a vision for the direction of Farmington schools, and that we are passionate about them. It will be an interesting 60 days to see how the community of Farmington will choose their school board members. I would encourage the community to actively engage all the candidates in dialog and questions that you may have, and to dismiss rumors and find out the facts. Make us earn your vote.

Now, my campaign. I promise to the community members that I will not be a part of any personal attacks on any candidate. I believe that each candidate (and the current board members) truly cares about the students of Farmington and the education they receive in our schools. However, I will strongly challenge the issues that I see that are hurting our school district and/or ideas from non-incumbent candidates that could potentially harm our district. I question the current board members' decision making process, and their judgment concerning certain issues. I question their independence from the superintendent. Many times it appears as though it is not the school board leading our district. We need to remember that our superintendent is the CEO of the district, but we are the owners of the district and our school board is responsible for the direction of our company. I would take full advantage in a debate/forum with the candidates to have chair person McKnight help me understand how and why certain decisions have been made. I also believe that it is the right of the community to hear these answers as well. I see District 192 at a crossroads and I am determined to do everything I can to help make Farmington a premiere school district in the state of Minnesota. This would include improving student achievement, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.

Finally, I have been asked several times "who do you endorse?" I will be honest - I endorse Julie Singewald and Tim Burke for our school board, and Todd Larson for mayor. Even though I may not agree with every idea or view they have, I respect them and am confident that these people will help move District 192 and our community in the direction that it needs to go in. I know them to be strong, independent thinkers who will make the tough decisions. I also believe that I would make a fine contribution to this mix. I have developed camaraderie with Julie and Tim, and with Todd being my step-brother, I feel that our ability to work together as a district and a city would be guaranteed.

Veronica Walter,